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Ancestor Veneration

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Well, I've previously mentioned on these fora how what I do is essentially ancestor worship and now I'm going to get into where in these various places my personal Folk actually do come from and how I propose to integrate various pagan/heathen ideals into my life.In Britain and Northern Ireland, they tended to be from the north, the northwest, the west and the south, indicative of Anglo-Saxon,Norse,Norman and Celtic blood, which is reflected in various degrees by myself and my family.As the German and Swedish bloods were absorbed early on by my people in this country, those looks had largely died out by my grandfather's generation.
My great-grandmother,Marie Pecot, had some German and Swiss blood, but she had a lot more French blood, some from the regions of Normandy,Brittany and the Pays de Loire, more from the regions of Gascony,Dauphine and Provence.There was intermarriage of second cousins and this resulted in my grandmother being born with severe scoliosis.My mother and I have milder cases of this.So, although the darker Pecot looks died out when my aunt and mother were born resembling their father, the blood of the Occitans flows through about one-eighth of my veins, so I suppose I shall claim that (and them) as well
So, I'm oathbound to Asatru,yet I've blood ties to the Celts and to the Meds of Southern France, which may mean that I should honor the Celtic and the Graeco-Roman deities to various degrees and at different times as well. I'm going to do some research and hail my grandmother's maternal ancestors tonight.Starting with my grandmother, going on to her mother, Marie Elodie Pecot, and on to her parents, Alexandre Pecot and Amelie Armelin.I've felt their sadness at my neglect, now, hopefully, I may begin to atone..

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  1. Aemma's Avatar
    How absolutely wonderful Gooding. I wish you a great 'visit' with your kin. :)