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Yet Another Alteration!

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I'm trying to condense my ancestry from smaller countries such as England,Scotland and Northern Ireland to larger political designations such as British..at least, as Wikipedia would define it..www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Americans
Remembering my French Creole ancestry as well, I can just refer to www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_French
As research has shown, I've elements of German and German Swiss via both the British and French Creole minglings in my family.I hope never to alter my designation again

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  1. Gooding's Avatar
  2. Aemma's Avatar
    There's always another ingredient that gets added to the pot, isn't there? ;)
  3. Gooding's Avatar
    Indeed there is,Aemma, indeed there is.Found out about a week ago that I had Welsh blood through my Dad's side of the family.So, that makes it English,Scottish,Irish and Welsh for my father.