I Love My Wee Car!

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Well, love is probably not the word, since it`s old..progressed temporarily from the Peugot which drove like a brick, to the Vauxhall Astra Estate, but hey, the estate has a heater that works, woohoo!
So here`s the deal...been up since three am, worked, had food, worked again, posted on here (quite possibly the highlight of the morning) and ate again then had to drive down to the ferry terminal, some eight winding, meandering miles, to pick up the son, who`d been into town, on mainland.
And THE SUN CAME OUT, woohoo again!
And the gales quit for at least today, yay!
Ok, sad but true, this can be enough to make me a happy woman.
But..this time of year the sun is low on the horizon. So it`s hard to drive, facing into the sun so low, as the roads here are totally empty, and the sun makes them look blindingly shiny and wet, as it`s cold and icy, you see?
But did that daunt me? Oh Hel, no...
There`s a lovely stretch of road, just past Backaskaill beach, which runs and winds on it`s way, up the gentle slope which passes for a hill on Sanday. And I put my foot to the pedal and just tranced out, half blinded by the sun, the heater going full blast and making me toasty warm, my MP3 player plugged in and blaring out Nightwish, and just went for it.
I do love driving here. Mind you, I think some folks here know when I`m on the road...the one or two I tend to meet do pull over rather sharpish when they see me coming. Might be something to do with me driving down the middle of our single track roads obviously hellbent on believing I actually own the island so should be the sole person driving.
That drive, there and back (with the son muttering "Aw mam, fer gawd`s sakes slow down a bit, I have G force here!" )
was an antidote to the rotten, couple of hours nights sleep I had, and having gotten my second wind, I shall treat myself tonight to a goodly glass of cognac and relax with my feet up.

The son is still a nervous wreck, har har...

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  1. Aemma's Avatar
    LOL! Wonderful! :)
  2. anlax's Avatar
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