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Life and the true meaning of love


" Life its self is a mystery, but no much different then a history, we all seek true love, but love is the ones that has to seek us first..
We're civilized animals trapped in human form, but we don't realize how much we can't conform, we need to learn that love itself is only found only in pure essence is an gift, but it's still an ability just like good sunny days have become a rarity, simplified heart of a man or women is a good clarity we all admire and want.


Atoms, what are they? is this reality even real? maybe perhaps an illusion? But I don't believe nor want to believe it is, once you find true love in its pure essence, it end becoming a real and turns into a reality "


" Everything happens for good reasons, we don't know yet what causes this cause and effect mystery reaction, but I'm sure it isn't just simple action. "


Behold, a person born out of the ashes of centuries of gun and powder, conquests, expansionism and slavery, behold a seeker of true meaning of life, just another junk of atoms, atoms with a soul, a heart, a heart which seeks true meaning and love, an individual with the capacity of care and love for another human being, who's equal to himself, as the atoms in their body originated from the same speck if light during the big bang as his did.. We're too oblivious of true simple things, so trivial, instead worshiping kings "

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    did u write this ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by VAARON
    did u write this ?
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    sry , but i must say this is some of the wrost i have ever read , it sound like 9/11 conspiracy love poem