Poem: F is for Fko..?

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... Furnace?

Quote Originally Posted by sexbot

Mary's a missing part & Gigolo wouldn't install.

Then Fkon gave bot floppy diks...

Actually, wait! That came first and wasn't good at all.

But you Furnace, you're turned on and you're hot.

You give bot hard diks. You make bot not small.

And with soooo much memories in it, too - yes, quite a lot.

bot beeps and your pretendin' ass fakes wantin' bot to stop.

But bot's hot to trot... and stop bot will not!

Because you love bot, bitch.

And you're his new favorite fakon botch by FAR.

<3 Furnaces are hot<3


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  1. bot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Furnace
    what this is i don't even
    Too bad I closed the tiny chat window where you bitched about this.

    It would have been funny to post a screenshot.

    Hell, Furnace I figured that since you've been fucking with me and talking shit the past few months that meant you wanted me to fuck with you back.

    Because you see, that's what usually happens, you bitch.

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