Dissecting the Liberal

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Dissecting The Liberal

A Thread dedicated to examine and understanding the liberal and all that it stands for.

Liberalism = Christianity - God

Men created civilizations and the rules that govern them. This includes Egalitarianism and feminism. These are all outcrops of Judeo-Christian dogma. Islam and communism and liberalism and humanism are offshoots of the same mindset.

We live in an age where stupidity is worshiped because it is more malleable and more impressionable. Remember the bible quote "The meek shall inherit the earth" ?...herein lies the connection to the nihilism of Judeo-Christianity now taking the form of a secular humanism.

When you have supposedly mature men and women speak with the language of childish fantasies, about words where nobody goes hungry, nobody is hurt, peace reigns, everyone is loved, in reflection to the Christian paradise, then you know that the Christian dogma has not ended nor waned, it has morphed and adopted to modern circumstances and it now calls itself liberalism, once also known as Marxism, and progressiveness.

God = State
Jesus = ideal citizen
Equal before god = Equal before the state
Faith = tolerance
Sin = Discrimination
Blasphemy = Hate speech
Heaven = Egalitarian Utopia


Human/Humanity is the lowest common denominator. Once the least-common-denominator is found, the equalization of humanity, under the premise of a species identity is meant to dismiss all other factors as irrelevant so as to produce uniformity and so make more possible the prospect of coexistence – tolerance of otherness. Thus, race, gender, culture is made irrelevant. The liberals intellectual interest is only focused on what they can then intervene upon and "correct"...towards their unifying goal of creating one level, dull, uniform, humanity.

Humanism is what Christianity and other big Religions turn into when Globalization demands a more inclusive spirituality. The Judeo-Christian mindset permeates modernistic humanism.
The liberal simply submitted to a secular version of the same religious crap.

Religion as with any politics, is simply a means of controlling the herd. It has nothing to do with anything but population control. This is why these "great" religions emerge where and when they do (think about demographics)

The Jews perfected the usage of religion as a political tool, long after the eastern civilizatinos did, and so western docility is lagging behind the more advanced stages of human degradation (Feminization) we see in China and India. We are still affected by those Hellenes, despite the infection of Judeo-Christianity, and its political outcrop of communism.
Secular Humanism is just how these same ideals are marketed to a population that has been taught to relate communism with evil or who find Christianity too ridiculous to swallow. It's egalitarianism, its making of life into a sacred thing, its projection of this Ideal Man, its need to obliterate all human distinction and to "correct" nature from her "vile" ways, is the same God damn thing!!!


The liberal is obsessed with equality. The very term "equal" is an absurdity, as nothing in nature is ever equal. Not even a man is equal to another. Not even twins are exactly the same...not even clones.

Equality would seem to implicate an ultimate trajectory of evolutionary “regression” because equal rights imply the beginning of the end of Darwinian selection. A genuine, progressive implementation of universal equal rights implies the artificial end of natural selection; the systematic unraveling of the mechanism that made the evolution of life possible in the first place. The principle of equality can thus be look at as the principle of the elimination of selection.

Equality is a forced pretense that all men consider, or should, themselves the equal to all other men. All trained behaviors meant to ensure reciprocity when underneath it there is nothing genuine. Where nature and natural selection functions on disparity and on fitness in comparisons and within environmental conditions, always changing, the weakling, the womanly mind, the coward, the slave dreams of absolute positivity and uniformity it can escape and disappear within.

Race/Gender as social constructs

To the liberal, "Race" "Gender" are remnants of bygone, "primitive" thinking. When you enter a den of liberal dimwits, make sure you stay away from "race", "sex" and "spirituality" if it implies anything but "unity" and "tolerance" and "togetherness".

The only generalization allowed is human race, and the only category permitted is "human". We all belong to the human race.

The liberal thinks brain morphology and complexity, including the fact that some races have less evolved pre-frontal cortex has no bearing on intelligence. They wish to preserve a false view of reality, one which is convenient and comforting for the millions locked in their homes like battery hens, terrified of the nature that is out there, preferring any lie or half truth as long as it keeps the wolves at bay.

Once you elimiante all distinction, then what are you left with? A docile, expendable, mindless drone, who repeats the now empty notion of individuality while it dresses, thinks and behaves in accordance with communal rules and within social boxes.

Genetic isolation over long periods of time did create mental as well as physical discrepancies between peoples. Race/Sex designate potential, Including intellectual potential. Still waiting though, for that one great African intellectual. How many millenia have they had? The elusive Negro genius...he's out there somewhere....like the elusive female genius.

The acceptance of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle

The liberal believes getting up the ass is the pinnacle of human progress. He thinks the anus did not evolve to dispose of toxins and it was meant to help with pleasure. If you say something out of sorts you might be accused of being a latent something or suffering from a phobia.

The Homosexual mutation emerges as a lifestyle or an alternative as a direct result of population pressures and due to hormonal effects. As a behavior it can also play the part of social lubricant, alleviating conflicts, and as an extension of the grooming mechanism which establishes alliances and hierarchies, or it can play the role of exhibition and establishment of dominance.

As a preference it is the result of overpopulation and undiscriminating reproduction, resulting in a weakening genetic pool manifesting in a growing number of mutations, and of natural selection which prefers the more tolerant, unthinking, impressionable, socially dependent and needful female mind.

Homosexuals are more easily harmonized in social groups because the feminine is more easily integrated. They are less challenging, questioning, resistant to authority. This is why in feminized cultures, the homosexual male is becoming the ideal.

Weakness/tolerance as virtues

In modern feminized social systems, those exhibiting the traits desirable by the system, such as tolerance, undiscriminating tasted, docility, meekness, stupidity, intellectual specialization, will be rewarded. Those that are not so docile and meek and tolerant and submissive (more maculine0 will not be rewarded or even punished. You see this played out in school and even in kindergarten, where boys are expected to behave like girls, otherwise they are punished for Anti Social behavior.

How demographics and geography affects politics is also a matter of historical record. It is not a coincidence that the major religions of the world are all promoting, in general, similar values: tolerance, the slandering of ego, non-discrimination (not thinking) passivity acceptance compassion etc. They all emerged in areas and at times where population pressures forced the necessity for them. They are not some transcendental force, they are only politically essential given the circumstances.

"The problem of 'tolerance' (liberalism, laxism, the 'permissive society', etc.) takes the same form. The fact that those who were once mortal enemies are now on speaking terms, that the most fiercely opposed ideologies 'enter into dialogue', that a kind of peaceful coexistence has set in at all levels, that morality is less strict than it was, in no sense signifies some 'humanist' progress in human relations, a greater understanding of problems or any such airy nonsense. It indicates simply that, since ideologies, opinions, virtues and vices are ultimately merely material for exchange and communication, all contradictory elements are equivalent in the play of signs. Tolerance in this context is no longer either a psychological trait or a virtue: it is a modality of the system itself." - Baudrillard (The Consumer Society)

Liberal argument style

The liberal is programmed to have a negative emotional reaction whenever it hear words such as, Racism, Sexism, Discrimination, Bigotry..etc..

Call any idea sexist, racist, homophobic, and no reasoning is required. The word's automatic emotional power suffices. All share in the feeling, and are dissuaded from pursuing the matter.

The liberal is a mental midget.

A liberal is a man who will give away everything he doesn't own."
-Frank Dane

"The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity" - Adolf Hitler

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