It`s Worth A Try

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I`m going to enter a writing competition.
There`s prize money in it, and I`d love to be highbrow and say I don`t care about that, but well, it`s a LOT of prize money, so of course I do!
Well, there`s this recession going on here, you see...
But also, I love writing. Short stories mainly...haven`t got a book in me. I just love writing though.
Thing is, most of my stories are..well...a bit on the wyrd side...barbarians and Sidhe folks, hounds and hidden realms and the dead...so I don`t know what chance I have, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.
I used to keep an online journal on a site, few years ago now. They printed it in paper form, and it actually sold copies to help fund the site! That was very pleasing to me, just the fact that folks liked it enough, and that it was used for such a good cause at the time.
It got soured though...a few people, not only with my journals, but with my posts on the site (a pagan site) stole some of my work and presented it elsewhere online, calling it theirs. And there was nothing I could do! But it was frustrating and upsetting...they were meant to be friends, after all...and soured me from writing for an age afterwards.
In the end though, I like it. I`m no great novelist and have no yearning to be, but I do like putting pen to paper and just running with my imagination.
Please with me luck The competition is an online one, and monthly, so there`s going to be more than one chance.

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  1. Vulpix's Avatar
    Do try up!

    Wow, it's actually flattering in a sense that they plagiarised your work, it means it must have been good! Though yes, must have been quite upsetting as well ... ah the humanity....

    Best of luck up!!!
  2. Aemma's Avatar
    Ahh sounds awesome Oresai. I'm a tad late in wishing you luck but I'm thinking about you in this venture as well. :)