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Ancestry/Heritage Tests (AncestryDNA, MyHeritageDNA, 23andMe, etc Diss)

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It's funny how people still fall for the "ancestry" meme.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the curiosity here. The ancestry tests are a tool to
  1. discover a plethora of people all carrying snippets of the same DNA as you then pestering them over social media with "Haaii! we're soooo related cuz we share 3.5% of our DNA. Isn't it great? We're practically sisters :)"
  2. or sometimes find out the truth the hard way[1]
  3. but best of all you can use them to uncover your DNA's "weakest links" with the invaluable "health risk" feature ancestry tests also offer you (for a fee).

I could not give two h*cks about the first two but one day when I am old I would love to just open a folder and be like "Ah, here comes the macular degeneration right on time. Jean, my android butler darling, would you be so kind and apply my cellular nanojanitor gel to my eyes that will thoroughly Alter my Carbons™? Thanks, darling" because I like to stay on top of things (especially in bed but my health too).

(Yes, I am indeed shilling this campy dreck of a show yet again.)

Genotyping is also perfect for tracking selected ancestors' migration rate by the mutations they acquire from interacting with the environment. The mutations are characteristic for one people more than another, which is how the genetic distance between "Turk" and "German" sub-races (and individual races) is measured but the genomics-industrial complex (lmao) deals in the business of politicized fiction, self-fulfilling prophecy, and confirmation bias as they attempt to appease every average Joe's ancestry fetish which makes their interpretations of one's genetic profile in regards to "ethnicity" absolutely useless.

You are also bound to be miscategorized if the sample size of your people is too small, like it is with Amerindians at the moment, giving you unnecessary PTSD.

Besides, why would you let insincere "fast-genomics" companies take your hard-earned money, bend you over with their TOS/PP corporatespeak, spit in your mouth like they own you now[2] then pass you to their bros[3] when Apricity's Taxonomy pros' bros and hoes can classify your phenotype for free, you paypig slut?

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[2] https://thinkprogress.org/ancestry-c...-dbafeed02b9e/
[3] https://www.gsk.com/en-gb/media/pres...vel-medicines/

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