Is the MOT test going to improve in the years to come?

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There have been a couple of changes made to the MOT test, despite multiple conversations
about scrapping it altogether. In a recent conversation, the spokesperson for the RAC said that
scrapping the MOT would be a huge step backward and a recipe for disaster.

There were multiple points raised about the MOT stating that the test was no longer valid and
each of these was refuted by the RAC. They even confidently stated that the UK public would not
support the general petition to cancel the MOT test altogether.

Is the MOT valid anymore?

According to the RAC, the test is as valid today as it was when they initially began. It might have
to be reworked to handle other aspects of vehicles that didn't exist when they initially started.
The Adam Smith Institute has been strongly urging the scrapping of the MOT across the country,
but they have not gathered enough favour. They raised a couple of points stating that
automobiles have significantly improved their safety features and that a major chunk of the
accidents caused currently are caused by human error or negligence and not because of an
issue with the vehicle.

Overall, the RAC argued that vehicles have to be regularly checked, even if they havenít broken
down. This is one of the most important paths to keeping roads safe since vehicle malfunctions
could sometimes be fatal. Without a regular mandatory test for vehicles, most people would skip
the test altogether, since they would have no reason to handle it. This could cause a lot of issues
on the roads. Furthermore, a third of the vehicles that handle the test annually, as everyone
should, fail, which means there was a basic requirement that they could not clear. These are
issues that have to be challenged before putting these cars back on the roads.

They are even considering revamping the test and making some changes to the way it is
handled. They were hoping to have the test according to the number of miles the vehicle has
travelled as an addition to the yearly clause. They would also need to handle a few more
dimensions to the test so it accounts for some of the changes significant to vehicles in this day
and age. Moreover, there are talks about upgrading the test to include features and facilities
relevant to the transportation of today.

They also mentioned that there is no one-stop to handle the end of all road accidents, however,
they have been pushing for the education of drivers to make the roads a lot safer. They were
planning on teaching about deaths and injuries that could be caused by accidents and car
crashes and how this could be minimised to protect people. Keeping the vehicle in a decent
condition does assist in some way before heading toward tackling driver negligence.

However, there was also a point in the conversation where he mentioned that drivers or vehicle
owners should not rely only on the MOT to check their cars regularly, but should do this on their
own as well. At least the basic maintenance, oil change, and checking the brakes are important to
keep the car in good shape and add to the longevity of the vehicle. They automatically remain in
better condition and assist in creating a smoother ride for the owners.

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