Best days to play Bingo

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Originally known in America as Beano. It was the game where players used to buy some cards and wait for the announcer to call the winning numbers picking them from a bowl. To win, players had to fill a line whether horizontally or vertically.

Its popularity is all due to an American man named Lowe. The legend tells he was also responsible to change its name to Bingo. From the moment when he made his friends play the game at his house to test their appreciation of it, the popularity of this game has increased relentlessly.

There are no magical tips to win at bingo, like postcode bingo. Of course, like every other casino game, it has its tips and strategies. Expert players know a set of tricks which may change the end of the game. For example, knowing which the best days to play Bingo are has a series of positive effects on the final result.

Avoid weekends

Saturdays and Sundays are generally days off for many people. Players who want to relax and dedicate their spare time to fun activities often decide to join a casino and enjoy some time playing in freedom. Then, attendance is particularly high these days.

The more people play, the fewer chances you have to win. Then, if your main goal is to win, avoid crowded days and play only on quieter days.

Be also aware that some casinos tend to give small prizes to players on the days when there is less attendance. Before choosing a casino or a day to play, pay attention to these small details. Pick as much info as you can on the size of the jackpots on some days.

On which days should I play Bingo then? Prefer quieter hours, choose to play after midnight, very late at night or during festivities or big celebrations when people are out of towns.

Playing Bingo on the right days has a series of beneficial effects. For example, you won’t need to buy too many cards. If fewer players are competing, your chances of winning increase. Then, you don’t need to buy many cards to secure you the final winning. This will make you save money in turn.

Other important tips

Once you have chosen the best day to play, here you are some other tips that may help you playing Bingo successfully:

· When choosing your cards, try to pick the ones which have different numbers. Avoid the cards which have similar numbers on them

· Keep your attention high. Don’t drink alcohol. You should be focused while playing. Alcohol may decrease your concentration.

· Go half an hour before the starting of the game. You should settle and feel comfortable with the overall environment. Go with some anticipation will allow you to also find the seat where the acoustic is the best

· Stay away from friends or family members. It’s not a sociable activity. You need to pay the maximum attention to hear the numbers. Try to avoid people who can distract you.

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  1. ♥ Lily ♥'s Avatar
    I haven't played bingo in years!

    I'm surprised the article advises to not play with friends, as my grandparents used to play it and go to bingo halls with their friends.

    During the school holidays we'd sometimes go along as a family with our parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and our grandparents and their friends too. We'd sit it a table together, and other people would sit with their friends and relatives. It was a lot of fun.

    Our nan would buy me and my sisters our own playing cards, and sometimes we'd win nice little prizes.

    The bingo number callers would say 'legs eleven' and people would wolf-whistle for no. 11, and lots of other funny terms were used when calling out numbers. They'd call out 'two little ducks'... and everyone in the room would go 'quack quack' whenever 22 was called out.

    Maybe I should play bingo again as I haven't won anything on Thunderball or the Lottery. I think there's a lot more chances of winning a prize in bingo.