Gift Ideas that are Affordable and Amazing

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Now that itís 2020, thereís a whole year of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays that demand gifts. But if finding the perfect gift isnít really your forte, or if your walletís still suffering from last yearís round of exchanges, gift-giving can be a challenge.

Though gifts are rarely mandatory, itís always a nice gesture. Even if itís something small, itís really the thought that counts. But there are times when thoughts simply arenít enough.

So how do you navigate 2020ís gift-giving days?

Letís talk about obstacles first. Gift cards are always an option, but if youíre not shopping for your 14-year-old cousin who wants to spend all their money on gaming, gift cards can be pretty impersonal. Getting something unique to your recipient is key.

The personal aspect of your gift is important because it is what really captures the spirit of gifting. Sending someone a gift isnít really about spending as much money as possible Ė itís about showing that you care. And so paying attention to someoneís like and dislikes can really help out your gift game.

If your gift is due in just a few days and youíre suddenly realizing that you have no idea what your recipient likes, fear not! It doesnít necessarily mean that youíre a bad friend or family member.

Letís be honest, no matter how close you are to someone, they can be hard to impress. And unless theyíve sent you their Amazon wish list, how are you supposed to know what they want?

Even if you know what your receiver likes, thereís always the question of, ďDo they already have this?Ē Chances are, they might. And thatís okay.

If you accidentally give someone something they already have, that really just means that you know them pretty well! Well enough to know what theyíd buy themselves, but not well enough to know that they already have it (which can be good or bad, depending on the situation). More optimistically, thereís also the possibility that you end up getting them the newer and better version of something they own Ė which is good!

But beyond the gift itself, how are you going to afford to get all these gifts for the people you care about?
Gift giving is ultimately a balance. Itís a trade-off between absolutely blowing your audience away and being sensible (for your own sake).

The best way to approach this is to be sentimental. You donít have to get someone the coolest and newest technology or the most expensive piece of jewelry you can find. Sometimes all it takes is referencing an inside joke or a sweet reminder of your history with that person.

But if this advice hasnít helped you think of any amazing gifts, another way is to be practical. Get something your receiver is going to use a lot. If you need some ideas, here are seven.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

The fresh scent of lavender and the bright smell of peppermint in the air can bring a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere to any room. If youíve got a busy-bee in your life, an essential oil diffuser can really help them keep their home a safe place to recharge for the next day.

Essential oil diffusers are safer than candles because they donít risk burning your house down. And these diffusers can be fairly cheap, running at around $20 to $30 online.

2. Water bottle

A reusable water bottle is a great gift to get pretty much anyone. People bring them to work, to class, to the gym, and even to run errands.

Reusable water bottles are especially in demand nowadays, because theyíre much more sustainable than plastic water bottles.

One of the best reusable water bottles is Kool8. Kool8 is a stainless steel, fully insulated reusable bottle. It comes in a variety of colors and the company even donates money from each purchase to help underprivileged regions get clean water.

3. Sherpa fleece throw blanket

Everyone needs a great blanket in their life. The Sherpa fleece throw blanket is one of the softest in the world, making it perfect to curl up in.

These blankets are warm, breathable, light, and unbelievably soft. If youíre thinking about gifting one, you might end up getting one for yourself too.

Some of these blankets can be a bit pricey, reaching up to $70, but you can find others for around $30. If you do end up getting one (for yourself or someone else), you wonít regret it.

4. Twinkle in Time custom star map

Twinkle in Time makes star maps that are unlike any other. They offer customizable maps of the stars that are the perfect way to commemorate a special day.

For any special day that you or your gift receiver may have, Twinkle in Time can give you a map of the stars on that very day. And the map itself comes in multiple colors and shapes so that itíll match any wall you put it on.

5. Desk Mat

Desk mats are a great idea, especially if youíre buying for a homeowner. Many people donít realize that their office chairs can so easily ruin hardwood floors or how much easier rolling a chair across a desk mat can be instead of their carpet.

Desk mats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. So, if you want to find the perfect one, check out Cool Things Chicagoís list of the best desk mats.

6. A hot sauce gift set

Artisanal hot sauce is becoming all the rage. If the person youíre getting this gift for loves hot sauce, this gift set will blow their mind.

This particular set comes with seven different flavors so that your gift receiver will have the perfect hot sauce to pair with every meal. Each of the sauces is also vegan and gluten-free, so if someone has dietary restrictions, theyíll still be able to enjoy the flavor adventure of this set.

7. Bluetooth Speakers
Bluetooth speakers are really cool, especially for throwing get-togethers with your friends and family. And thatís why everybody should have one.

The best Bluetooth speakers not only have amazing sound quality but also bring more than just music to the table. Some speakers also have amazing visual effects.

So, if you had trouble finding gifts before, hopefully, those days are now behind you. But if one of these seven suggestions just wasnít the perfect thing for your special person, hopefully, they at least inspired you to consider other options.

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