Europe’s Most Amazing Casinos

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Las Vegas and Macau are known for being casino meccas. But they’re not the only places that you can go to have a good time and maybe even make some money. Europe, though not known for its gambling scene, has amazing casinos, and you should definitely check them out.

When people plan on going to Europe, they rarely consider going to the casinos. European tourism is mainly centered around sightseeing and historical sites.

Even though gambling doesn’t seem like something you should go to Europe for, you’d be surprised. Europe may not be known for gambling, but its casinos are legendary. Many of them have rich histories and beautiful architecture.

Unlike in the United States and Asia, gambling is mostly legal throughout all of Europe. However, gambling laws do change between countries, so if you find yourself gambling in Europe, don’t expect it to be the same everywhere.

Europe has everything from traditional casino games like poker and blackjack, to sports betting, and even online gambling. So, wherever you go, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

However, if you’re not as interested in gambling itself, you should at least check out these casinos for their architecture and historical significance.

The casinos in Europe has a certain kind of elegance. They’ve got beauty and charm, and you’re bound to find yourself starstruck as you enter into their grand entryways and stand in each of their magnificent rooms.

European casinos have a very different atmosphere, compared to those in Las Vegas. While Las Vegas casinos are flashy and mostly feel like a party, many of the casinos in Europe demonstrate the luxury and grandeur of the old world.

Some European casinos date back centuries. One of the oldest is Casino di Venezia, which opened in 1638. Much of the décor in these casinos have retained their original aesthetics, so when you set your eyes on it, you’ll be getting a glimpse of the past.

If European casinos are something you’d like to see, here are five that you should visit.

1. The Baden-Baden Casino – Baden-Baden, Germany

Also known as the Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, the Baden-Baden Casino is known for being one of the most beautiful in the world. It was designed nearly 200 years ago by Friedrich Weinbrenner.

The Baden-Baden Casino is located in Baden-Baden Germany, just along the Black Forest. In addition to being known for its beauty, the Baden-Baden Casino is also known for its hefty price tag. At one point, it gained the nickname, ‘the most expensive casino in the world.’

The city itself was originally founded as a health farm by the Romans. It even featured a bathhouse for soldiers and citizens to relax, already starting off as a city of luxury. The bathhouse is still open today, now called the Friedrichsbad, and is a nudist, co-ed bath.

Gambling in Baden-Baden became most popular after Paris shut down its casinos, urging two brothers, Jacques and Edouard Benazet, to open the Baden-Baden Casino.

The casino was also supposedly the inspiration for Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novella, ‘The Gambler.’

2. Casino Estoril – Lisbon, Portugal

According to Weekly Slots News, Casino Estoril is one of the casinos you have to visit before you die. Its construction began in 1916, and it is most famous for having been the inspiration for Casino Royale, the novel by Ian Fleming, which is now also a popular movie. The architect responsible for Casino Estoril’s beauty is Filipe Nobre de Figueiredo.

Casino Estoril is more modern than many of the other European casinos on this list. It features a beautiful fountain in front and is located near the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Casino di Campione – Como, Italy

Casino di Campione was originally built in 1917. Its original purpose was to be a site for information to be gathered from foreign diplomats during World War I. At the time, it was the largest casino in Europe.

In 2007, the casino was rebuilt as a 55,000 square meter, 9 story palace. It is located on the banks of the Lugano Lake, perfect for a relaxing getaway.

Unfortunately, the city of Como, located within a small Italian exclave within Switzerland is facing economic collapse. The casino is on the brink of closing, but many have stuck by its side, attempting to stop the court-ordered closure.

4. Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco, France

Built in 1863, the Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the oldest. It was designed by the same architect that design the Paris Opera House, Charles Garnier.

Casino de Monte Carlo is stunning. From the outside, it looks like a true mansion. It lies in Monaco, France, on the south side right by the Mediterranean Sea. So if you’re planning a beach day, you should stop by the casino as well!

But of course, visiting the casino isn’t just about admiring the building itself or learning about its history – you probably want to gamble too! Casino de Monte Carlo is an especially popular gambling site.

Despite its grandeur, the Casino de Monte Carlo has also had its fair share of scams. Just a few years ago, three Britons were caught cheating at the roulette tables. They hit around 4 million euros before getting caught.

5. The Clermont Club – London, UK

The Clermont Club, located in Berkley Square, is one of the newer casinos on this list. It opened in 1962 and was popular among many celebrities. Everyone from Hollywood stars to aristocrats, and government officials to gangsters, visited the club.

It’s a small casino, originally an exclusive site only for the elites. But it has a rich history of sophistication, which you’ll get a feel for as soon as you enter.

The Clermont Club passed through many hands, including its original founder, John Aspinal, as well as Playboy, and even Quek Leng Chan, a Malaysian billionaire. Though it closed in early 2018, as of May 2019, its new owners, Mayfair Casino Ltd, announced that the Clermont Club will be renovated and reopened.

So, if you love gambling but are also in town to see some of Europe’s beautiful historical sites, stopping by one of these casinos will check both of those off your list. These casinos all have rich historical significance, and many of them are located near other places such as famous beaches and lakes, where you can also spend quality time.

However, if you don’t have time to check out these casinos in person, but are still looking to gamble, you should try out some online gambling platforms available in Europe such as Captain Jack Casino and Jackpot City Casino.

Though there are many other wonderful casinos to visit in Europe, these are some of the most amazing. So, be sure to stop by and bask in their elegance and soak up all of their rich histories.

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