How people used fruit machine cheats

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For many years fruit machines have been the only kind of slots to play with. And now, they are available on most online casino sites attracting players across the globe.

With very low initial stakes and rewarding bonuses, the amusement they could guarantee to their Players has played an important role in their success.

Very popular and widespread, they have been Player’s favourite choice for a long time. But, have you ever wondered what has made these slots that popular especially among expert Players?

In this article we are going to tell you some secrets behind fruit machines you may not have ever heard about.

The fruit machines secrets

Starting from fake coins and ending with cheat code. Since Players started playing games, they tried to find ways to ‘cheat’ the system so to guarantee themselves secure winnings.

There are many illegal tips that people have used in the past especially with fruit machines. Luckily, they do not work anymore because fruit slots have evolved and changed their architecture accordingly, in order to avoid these things could happen again.

The oldest system used to trick fruit slot machines was to alter the coins shape or material. For example, Players used fake coins or shaved coins that machines were not able to detect. The machine system indeed, used to register these coins as normal coins.

Players were not the only responsible for making up tricks to allow them to win, also some engineers found ‘creative’ ways to cheat the slot system and win. One in particular, the American Ronald Harris, was able to win a big amount of money by simply changing the machine code. He was only caught when his partner won such a big amount of money to arouse suspicious on the part of the authorities.

Are you shocked enough? We hope you are not because these just mentioned are not the most surprising examples of slot machines fraud we can list.

Beside changing the coins nature, in the 80s and 90s there was a boom of systems created to confuse the machines sensors so that a penny could easily replace hundreds of coins. Some astute Players also found a way to manipulate the system to make the wheels stop always on winning paylines. Someone else was literally able to replace the machines original chip with an artefact one so to win more frequently. Clever, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

The human being is known to be a very intelligent creature. His smartness sometimes brings him to push his creativity over the limits imposed by the law.

In the past, to win extra money, people have sometimes used their imagination to find illegal ways to cheat the system. These stratagems have worked for a while before getting noticed and punished.

What is better than playing a game and winning without using illegal tips that can cause you many problems? Also, finding ways to cheat slots is a crime and crimes get to be punished sooner or later. Is ‘the game’ worth the candle? Just think about it.

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