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About me

I am from Spain and I live in Barcelona but all my known ancestry is from Extremadura, specifically from Badajoz. I did not study my genealogy in depth, but my relatives from a maternal grandfather have hardly changed their places of origin, all of them belonging to the same province of Badajoz, a few kilometers away, they lived in rural towns.

Paternal lineage



I know practically nothing about it and it is strange to me, although most likely it was introduced to the Iberian peninsula from the Iron Age to the Muslim era, for the time being until there are no more discoveries by scientists and do me more tests in the future this is my haplogroup. Its highest frequency is found in Sub-Saharan Africa, in the west and according to yfull there are many Gambian and Sierra-Leonese owners, in Spain it is mainly found on the Mediterranean coast.

Obviously African haplogroups are not as researched and refined as those related to Europeans for obvious reasons such as their frequency, so there is room for improvement in the future.

Maternal lineage


Of this I only know that it is from the Middle East and is quite common in Europe, it is a variant of H that is the most common.

Autosomal results

23andMe, FTDNA and MyHeritage

They are difficult to reconcile saying different things to me, but basically I am Spanish. In some it detects recent Sub-Saharan ancestry, it may be true or it is simply not able to distinguish North Africa correctly, we will see this repeated later on. MyHeritage makes the most random estimation, FTDNA the most conservative and 23andMe a mixture of those two.


Eurogenes K13, K15 and K36

The results I think are normal for a western Iberian, lacking foreign mix for a long time but the North African weight is noted in the Iberian peninsula, due to the lack of a North African reference in K13 / K15, the percentage accumulates in the sub-Saharan reference. Due to a whim of the calculation the mixed mode is horrible being very uninformative and drawing erroneous conclusions like I'm 96.5% Aragonese and 3.5% Yoruba (?). But my ancestry is also very boring, maybe that's why.

Clearly these two are calculators designed for Europeans with no African descent, otherwise I do not understand, Or it may not be European, or idea.
Unfortunately my raw data file has few snp's for the K36 and I still don't know whether to take it seriously.


Global 25

Target: Juan_scaled
Distance: 3.5087% / 0.03508710
52.4 Anatolia_Barcin_N
30.8 Yamnaya_RUS_Samara
10.2 WHG
5.2 MAR_Taforalt
1.4 SSA

There are many calculators, but the most important for me must be this. It summarizes in few basic components the ancient main ancestry that people possess, and this tool revolves around it.
Compared to other Iberians I am within the western average, with relatively poor steppe and western hunter gatherer, this makes me lose affinity with the northern Europeans. But it is not excessively rare either, we have actually tested too few people to draw reliable conclusions, but that indicates little recent foreign European ancestry in my opinion.

Maps of my G25 coordinates


Other tests

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  1. Rocinante's Avatar
    :thumb001: Interesting!
  2. Rocinante's Avatar
    No me habia fijado en tu K36, tienes bastante Iberian e Italian.
  3. Defcon2's Avatar
    Si, soy un italo-espaņol con un 10% sardo.
  4. Luso's Avatar
  5. calxpal's Avatar
    Awesome! I like how you wrote this .