How to Conserve Forest Resources?

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The forest is an integral part of our ecosystem. The forest is reputable for providing shelter
for wild animals. It also provides raw materials for over five thousand products. It is one of
the most extensive natural landscapes. There is dire need to protect our forests, and this is the
list from Thesishelpers.com:

1. Regulated and Planned Cutting of Trees

The main reason for cutting trees is commercially linked. This would not be alarming, but
now it’s being done on a large scale. Cutting should, therefore, be regulated. Clear cutting
method is useful where trees are the same over a large area—hence easing replanting.
Selective cutting is also an efficient method as it only limits it to mature trees. Shelterwood
cutting allows one to cut in accordance to value.

2. Control over Forest Fire

Forest fires can be caused by many things, either natural or orchestrated. The friction between
trees during speedy winds and by a man using a matchbox can lead to a forest fire. You can
easily mitigate the issue by developing a wide stance around the fire, organization of water
sprays, and the use of a helicopter to put out the fire. It is also essential that the firefighters
are trained.

3. Reforestation and Afforestation

Afforestation programs should be in place to ensure proper planting where forests have been
cut. The agenda should consider local geographical conditions and maintenance.

4. Check over Forest Clearance for Agricultural and Habitation Purposes

Due to agricultural reasons, forests have been cleared. This is especially rampant in Africa,
Asia, and South America. The land that has forests is converted for farming, buildings, roads,
and cities.

5. Protection of Forests

The forest should be not only protected from commercial cutting but also detrimental grazing.
Grazing leads to different diseases such as rusts, mistletoe, virus, and nematodes that destroy

6. Proper Utilisation of Forest and Forests Products

Aside from wood, there is a need to make use of the foliage left behind after deforestation.
There is also a need to diversify the forests. Countries can adopt different strategies, such as
game sanctuaries and tourist centers.

7. Role of Government in Forest Conservation

Most governments have rules and measures in place to protect their forests. However, they
are not implementing. There are many strategies to ensure adherence to the guidelines:
● Establish acts for forest conservation
● Conduct surveys for resources
● Regulations on products form the forests
● Investigate reforestation areas
● Protection against mining and fire
● Develop plans that are long term and short term to realize full conservation

8. Forest Management

Certain aspects should be taken into consideration when it comes to effective forest
● Conducting forest surveys
● Categorize forests
● The commercial use of forests
● Administration pool for management
● Training exercises for personnel
● Conversion to tourist canters
● Establishing new techniques for conservation
● Extensive research for efficient use and conservation of forests
● Establish policies and implementation

For efficient conservation of the forests, everyone must come together. Maximum
cooperation from individuals, governments, international organizations, and the general
public will ensure that the forests are utilized efficiently and appropriately conserved.

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