In a ‘Woman’s World’, here’s 5 ways we can help Men.

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From David Sergeant, The Bow Group,
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In a ‘Woman’s World’, Here’s 5 Ways we can Help Men’.
Don’t pretend you haven’t been looking forward to it.

Who doesn’t enjoy listening to upper-middle class, urban, liberal women howl that they’re just not quite privileged enough!

The Bow Group realises that the narrative of ‘female oppression’ in modern Britain is largely nonsensical. In 2018, men face far greater institutional challenges than women.

For some, it’s ‘bloody difficult’ being a man. Here’s 5 ways the government can lend us a hand.


In schools up and down the country, white working-class boys are lagging behind girls, and every ethnic minority. Only a quarter are able to obtain ‘five good’ GCSEs.

Angela Rayner, Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow education secretary, has admitted that the educational focus on women had meant a ‘negative impact’ on White working class boys.

The Conservative Party can start by addressing grossly unfair regional funding disparities. Why, in 2016-17, was the average educational spend per pupil in Tower Hamlets £7188, while kids in Stockport had to make do with £4341?

Free schools provide a welcome opportunity for local communities to better tailor educational provision to the needs of their male students. It’s a mystery why The Conservatives refuse to defend or celebrate them.


11, is the average age a boy will first be exposed to hardcore porn. Porn is wrecking men’s self-esteem and sexual performance. It’s rewiring our brains and damaging our ability to love and feel loved. Porn is normalising violence towards women.

The more men draw back the curtains and gaze at manufactured images on a neon screen, the more they miss out on real life and real opportunities. Quitting porn is difficult, especially if it’s become a habitual routine. In addition to the many private resources that can make it a little easier, we need legislative restrictions ASAP


The shift away from meaningful economic production to a service economy obsessed with ‘soft skills’ has damaged the employment opportunities, and thus the routine, belonging and happiness, of many men.
Globalists have shifted the focus away from decent wages towards cheap consumerism. It’s men who have suffered. Instead of spending the education budget on pointless propaganda courses, such as ‘criminology’, substantial funds should be ploughed into programmes designed to teach men a trade or skill, upon which they can always depend. I’m not sure why we gave up on the idea of full employment, but the goal must be revived. Men need and love to work. All who want it must be able to find it


Men use cannabis in far greater numbers than women. Consequently, its men who are reducing their levels of dopamine in the striatum part of their brains. This means lower levels of motivation and aspiration. In a prominent study on the effects of cannabis, Fergusson & Boden (2011) conclude that cannabis usage between the ages of 14 and 18 was:
‘Associated significantly’ with ‘lower levels of life and relationship satisfaction, lower income and higher levels of unemployment and welfare dependency’.
The numbing effect the drug has on the brain of a user and its ability to concentrate and remember things can continue for days after usage. Smoke-filled rooms and lowered ambitions can only do men great harm. Strict prohibition, real prison sentences and an end to backdoor decriminalisation/police snobbery would help clear the air.


Suicide is the number one cause of death for men between the ages of 20-49. The number of men taking their own lives is at the highest point since the early 1980s. The answers are complex. Less stigma, and greater fraternal communication can only be a good thing. Still, it will likely be insufficient. Until men are no-longer trodden down and berated for wanting to be masculine men, the issue will remain present. Forget ‘redefining masculinity’ – Let’s try reviving masculinity.

Celebrate Difference

Of course, men should celebrate the wonderful women in our lives, each and every day. We truly would be nothing without them. We can to better than an allocated 24 hours in which we bang on about promotions and pay rises – things that won’t make most women happier.

Conservative men must empower through loving leadership and the encouragement of natural femininity. For both men and women, it’s families and relationships that satisfy.

We can only do this if we are strong in our commitment to our own personal responsibilities. The above policy prescriptions will give many struggling men the little boost they need.

David Sergeant – Bow Group Culture Fellow

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