Why is it important to study ancient philosophers

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The pursuit of the study of philosophy in secondary and post-secondary education is always an admiral one. Itís all too often treated today as an impractical field with no ďreal worldĒ application, which is why itís still common for people to ask why is philosophy important? In this article, we will look at that very question: why do we study philosophy, and especially why do we study ancient philosophers?

Ancient philosophers are the very beginning of wisdom and knowledge. A good example of this is Plato, who is most recognized for his work: The Allegory of the Cave. If this work sparks an interest in philosophy, then you can refer to https://studymoose.com/the-allegory-of-the-cave where there is more than one free allegory essay example on this subject to form a good foundation on this subject that students can expand on. There are examples of other essays available, as well.

To give a brief description of this idea, which is the basis of many essays, the Allegory of the Cave involves a small group of people who are chained to the wall of a cave, and the only thing they can see are shadows against the opposite wall. For them, the entirety of reality and their world are those shadows. Itís only when exposed to the outside world that their eyes are opened. It shows just how limited a personís perception of reality can be and why philosophy is so important to any society.

What is the study of philosophy?

In order to understand why itís so important to understand why ancient philosophers are important, one must first know what philosophy is. Philosophy is the field of study on the very nature of wisdom and reality. It is viewed, specifically, as academic philosophy. Simply asking why weíre here is a philosophic question with many other samples of these kinds of questions online.

So, what is ancient philosophy? Ancient philosophy is a course or area of expertise pertaining to the study of ancient philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and their teachings.

Why is ancient philosophy relevant today?

We have plenty of modern and Western philosophers around today, so itís a normal question to ask why would ancient philosophy be relevant to todayís world? We are, after all, a civilization that has become more advanced than the Ancient Roman Empire, and we have modern concerns.

What does Socrates have to do with subjects like the nuclear bomb, the Internet, and modern-day technology, like the Smartphone? There is no doubt that if Plato or Aristotle saw any of these devices today, they would, no doubt, be in awe of them. But, once they were over that shock, they would soon be looking into its philosophical implications on society.

And, thatís the point of why they are still relevant today. They are all considered the founders of Western Philosophy, and many ideas and approaches that people have to live today are based on their works and concepts from all of those centuries ago.

The Best Study in Ourselves

There are few people in this world who donít stop at some point and ask themselves the major questions in life that come down to the value we attach to our lives. Why are we here?

Am I leading a productive life? What happens after we die? How do I/We obtain happiness in life? These are just some examples of the many questions that everyone asks themselves at some point or another in their existence.

Itís these very questions that people have been asking themselves from the time that man became capable of reasoning, and itís these very questions that ancient philosophers sought to research. They did this by way of many different approaches to those questions, followed by exploring the many different answers.

Itís these answers that have led to modern philosophies that attempt to help people to discover what is important to them and why they personally believe they were put here. None of that guidance would be there without people like Plato and Socrates who strove to answer those questions two thousand years ago!

When people read the works of Plato, they donít just do it for a grade or because they have an essay or a paper to write about him. Itís much more than that. They find themselves in those works as much as anything else.

The Allegory of the Cave...

The truth of the matter is that we wouldnít have western philosophy without ancient philosophers coming up with concepts like the Allegory of the Cave as it forms the base of how we think of existence, with those long-dead thinkers being considered among the very best. Itís why there have been many an essay and paper done on them and why their works are still read even today.

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