Online relationships during Covid 19 - Top 4 Tips

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If you’re single and someone was to ask how you connect with prospective partners, how would you answer? Do you have a recommended dating platform? Do you like going to singles bars or nightclubs and interacting with kindred spirits, face-to-face? If you prefer the online option, how has this activity been affected by the present Covid 19 situation? If you’ve come across any issues with virtual relationships, here are the top four tips about keeping things running smoothly.

Make the most of online flexibility

Dating sites offer so much to potential customers in the way of choice. So an excellent tip would be to take a step back before you plunge into joining the first dating site that has attracted your attention, just because its homepage seems to contain a high percentage of good-looking site users! Just as the Covid crisis has introduced an atmosphere of wariness in many areas of human interaction, online dating shouldn’t be treated with any less formality. There’s no rush to form a relationship with another single, so make sure you choose a dating site that’s going to offer you the optimum service. If you feel the site you’ve opted to join isn’t providing the necessary safeguards to its members, then simply cancel your membership and move on. There are plenty to choose from on different review services like beyondthecharter, so take your time and introduce yourself to different options.

Focus on compatibility

Another top tip is to consider all the different aspects that go into making another site user the most compatible fit for you. Previously you might have relied on the in-built algorithms to put you in touch with those individuals who matched the aspirations you stated during the registration process. You might have a wishlist including things like a GSOH, or particular hobbies or passions that chime with your own. To these familiar headings, you’ll now have to factor in medical considerations. Has this individual been in contact with Covid? Perhaps they are a frontline worker or have family members or friends who have tested positive. Do they live in parts of the country that are considered hotspots? Have they ever had to quarantine after returning from a holiday in somewhere considered a high-risk area?

Think of virtual date ideas

Previously, dating sites tended to be an introductory platform: somewhere to get introduced to a cross-section of prospective partners before homing in on individuals you felt a connection with. The next logical step was developing that chemistry with a face-to-face liaison. Again, given the all-pervading Covid climate, there is no rush to transform any online relationship into the offline version, at least not until you are 100% sure of someone’s health status. In the meantime, you can take advantage of various forms of communication to stay connected. You can make regular ‘three-dimensional’ contact via zoom calls or other video chatting technology. To spice things up even further you could try out virtual reality headsets, making your get-togethers particularly memorable.

Make the most of communication options

It would be worth underlining the latter aspect of online relationships. Rather than using the available communication tools on an informal basis as they usually tend to be, dropping text messages, picking up the phone when it suits, timetable your virtual meetings. Given the restricted opportunities for an actual rendezvous in a physical location, you’ll have to get used to touching base remotely for the foreseeable future. This means making the most of the tools at your disposal. Keep your relationship frisky by sexting each other, or indulging in dirty talk. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, ensure it also keeps pulsing racing.

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