Signs you Had Abusive Parents

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We all come from different backgrounds. As a result, we have different experiences in our lives. There are those raised with both parents, some with a single-parent, others come from blended families. Whatever group you fall in, you have your story to tell, whether positive or negative. Many think they had the best childhood experience when, in a real sense, they faced some form of emotional abuse. The only issue is that they were small to differentiate the two. Maybe your parents or guardians had some unwelcoming behaviors that weren't good for your mental health but assumed everything for a mere excuse.

The term emotional abuse is relatable to psychological abuse. Abuse does not necessarily imply some form of physical abuse. Emotional abuse is creating a traumatic experience in the life of a person. It can be in the way of bullying or making a person feel worthless. Imagine if such a case applies to a parent doing it to their kids. According to Domyhomework123, emotionally abusive parents can negatively damage the children's future.

How to Know you had Abusive Parents

  • They Were Always Moody

    Yes, everyone is entitled to get moody at some point, but how often were your parents irritable when growing up? If the moods of your parents always made you feel scared, then that is emotional abuse.

  • They were always hostile towards you

    We have always been criticized at some point in life. However, this doesn't mean that it should always be often. Some parents overdo it, and it goes to a different extent. If you ever felt that your parents were still against anything concerning you, you grew up in an emotionally abusive environment. There is no way that everything you do in life isn't appealing in their eyes. That is a big sign of emotional abuse.

  • They Gave You the Silent Treatment

    Ever been in a position whereby you want to express your ideas, but the people you can share with assuming you? Well, that is emotional abuse. If your parents never allowed you to express yourself and how you feel, you grew up in an emotional abuse environment.

  • They Were Physically Present, But Emotionally Absent

    There are those parents you will see daily, but in a real sense, they aren't there for you. If your parents were ever busy on their computers, mobile phones, partying now and then, yet they ignore your needs and wants, then you were in an emotional abuse homestead. When you grow up, you end up having poor social skills to interact with others.

  • You Fear How Your Parent Will take Your Decisions

    After you grow up, it reaches a time you live away from your parents. If, in any case, you have issues talking to your parents about a crucial decision you need to make, then you had emotionally abusive parents. As an adult, you should be free to express any form of feelings towards your parents. The fear explains that you had a poor childhood background.


We all deserve caring parents for the well-being of our adult-hood life. Emotional abusive parents can harm the future of their children. There are many ways to know whether you have emotionally abusive parents. Avoid the above-highlighted ideas to save your children from emotional abuse.

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