3 Ukraines - Novorossiya

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Nicholas Nicholaides; 18.10.2017.

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The future of Russia as an independent state and world leader in a multipolar world will be determined in Novorossiya.
The battle for Novorossiya (and eastern Malorossiya) will be determined in the Kreml. As soon as the russian leaders decide to liberate Novorossiya it will be so - and very much faster than the liberation of Syria. To detach the russian economy from the dollar, to start a russian bank-card, to replace SWIFT and to introduce a gold-based rouble (not gold-interexchangeable) are the first steps on this path - but they have to be followed by more steps, now!


Link: https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/articl...ern-point-view

I think president Putin now regrets that he did not act more resolutely in august 2014. Maybe he was afraid of the sanctions, but now he has got them anyway, without gaining anything. But there is actually at least one good and internationally legitimate way to reverse the situation: the Minsk-2 treaty stipulates constitutional and legal changes in former Ukraine.

These have not been carried out by the nazi regime in Kiev. It is actually a Russian right and obligation to force the regime to abide to the treaty – and as they will most likely refuse, then there must also be a regime change in Kiev, with Novorossiya taking over. If the nazis and Galicia disapprove, they are welcome to leave and join any European state that will have them.


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