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Wrong Turns

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I would save you the pain of thinking too awfully hard of the theory of altruism: nothing is ever quite just given for no reason other than ‘inherent rightness’. I cackle uncontrollably while saying those words.

We all have an irresistible pull towards something. I am not exempt. You are not exempt. And here, listen close: no one, and yet everyone is responsible for their actions. This is not a very pretty fact; but it is a fact. And yet… wrong turns, if I may, can still be made.

You see – contradiction is an intrinsic aspect to that which we understand reality to be. As we are all part of this reality, it stands to reason that contradictory actions cannot be avoided: contradiction is – to put it as simply as can be in words – half of necessity; half of mistake; half of correctness; half of incident; half of every possible thing. When contradiction is considered as faulty, we are performing a disservice to something far beyond ourselves: We are calling exactly half of all things unnecessary…that cannot be, for as I have said, and as occurrences prove, everything that is or ever was, or ever will be – is as it is.

Some can take this – this…Substrate to reality. But, most cannot: For while these one’s who cannot are part of necessity, their necessity lies beyond their mere being in the world.

They are needed exactly as the cause of afore mentioned wrong turns.

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