What You Need For a Fairytale Wedding in 2023

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Many people who are tying the knot want the idealistic fairy tale wedding. However, more goes into planning such an event than simply having a big white dress.

In most cases, for a fairy tale wedding to truly be out of a Disney movie, it needs to have several components, and in order to pull them off, it is wise to have an idea about what some of the things that you need will be.

So, what are some of the core components of a fairy tale wedding in 2023? Read on to find out.

A Beautiful Venue

You will need to start with a venue that can offer you everything that you and your partner want in your fairy tale wedding. This could be a historic estate, a botanical garden, or a picturesque countryside setting. Typically, fairy tale weddings take place in spring and summer as flowers are coming into bloom, but if you want a winter wedding, then that's completely up to you! You will also likely need some staff to oversee all aspects of the wedding, from a wedding planner to a bartender for the reception, whom you can hire at eventbartenders.com.

Whimsical Décor

When you think of fairytales, you likely think of stories like Rapunzel and Cinderella, so you can base your idea of décor around those fairytales or any others of your choice.

Imagine cascading flowers, draped fabrics, and even ice sculptures. The color palate will also need to be considered, and for most fairytale weddings, pastel shades or rich colors, such as deep reds are purples, will do the trick!

Elegant Clothing

Speaking of color themes, the dress and groom's attire should embody fairy tale elegance as much as it can. For the bride, it may be worth thinking about a gown that has intricate lacing illusion sleeves, a tiara, or a ball gown silhouette, such as you would find in the aforementioned movie Cinderella. For the groom, a tailored suit that has subtle embellishments or a touch of vintage charm can be fitting, and of course, a top hat.


For the invitations, it can be worth looking into storybook-inspired options. These will have swirled, classic fonts and delicate illustrations, and maybe even have a touch of gold foil around the rims. These will give your guests a glimpse into the magical day that they're going to attend, as well as provide them with the important information that they need to get to your wedding and reception!


A fairy tale wedding is unlikely to have a DJ or a disco. You should aim to provide entertainment that will add a touch of enchantment to the celebration. You could consider hiring a string quartet, as well as learning to do a ballroom dance for your first dance together when you have tied the knot. It can also be worth setting up a photo booth that has fairy tale-themed props, as well as providing favors that are based on fairy tales, such as paper crowns, rings, or even small fairy ornaments.

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