Creating effective video advertising

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Video advertising today is available to everyone: you can shoot a simple video and post it yourself. It is difficult to find a means more effective than an advertising video for promoting a product. The visual image of the product attracts attention easier and faster. The Vjump service, available at vjump.com/services/tiktok-ads-maker, will make your videos more interesting and simplify the processing process. The life hacks of major brands discussed below will tell you ways to make fascinating advertising.

Basic Tips

How to shoot decent material within a much more modest budget.

Develop a scenario and determine all the details

For an advertising video to be effective, it is important that it conveys certain meanings to the viewer. The following tips may help when developing the concept and script:

  • Rely on market research. For advertising, it is significant to understand the target audience, to know who the viewer is. Such research is the foundation on which creativity is built.

  • It is essential to develop the main idea around which the advertising will be built. There are many ways to come up with an idea: for example, look at examples of what has already been filmed on the topic, look for interesting commercials and templates in the best TikTok editing app that have gone viral;


After the script has been developed, it is advisable to write out storyboards so that during filming you don’t forget to film something significant. In storyboards, we write down angles, sizes, and other significant details. All important things should be written down in the brief.


Important points specifically for commercials:


  • Remember the five-second rule. On the Internet, people rarely look at anything carefully and thoughtfully. It is important to quickly grab attention and fix it. You shouldn’t spend the first five seconds on, for example, showing the company logo.

  • Try to do everything as clearly as possible. If some text is spoken off-screen, it is better to duplicate it with captions in the TikTok editing app, at least briefly.

  • For a video to be remembered, it is significant that it has a bright ending.

  • It’s worth considering where the filming will take place, whether any additional props and actors are needed.


Visualize in your mind, imagine how it will look on the screen, make a storyboard, put together a puzzle from frames, take into account possible errors, and edit TikTok video correctly – the task of creative thinking.


Modern possibilities for video production, computer graphics and animation are multifaceted. Filming techniques, techniques, principles, interesting finds in the TikTok video editor, editing, sound solutions, stylistics — all this is the work of a whole staff of specialists. Frequently, clients lack awareness regarding the potential implementation of an advertising video concept. The intricacies of the filming process and subsequent editing are pivotal in video production. Opting for the appropriate technology can effectively translate the concept onto the screen and elicit a plethora of responses from the intended audience.

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