2008 ISD Memorial Speech By Alex Hassinger

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2008 ISD Memorial Speech

Given September 20th, 2008 at the Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial,
Jupiter, Florida U.S.A.

By Alex Hassinger

We gather here today, to honor the Godfather of modern racialist music. A musician and a revolutionary! A leader and a man of strong convictions! A National-Socialist and a fighter… Ian Stuart Donaldson! Hail!!!

Through his music, he appealed to our people around the globe, and raised their spirit and hope for the New Dawn! His music is widely known throughout the nationalist scene and he himself is regarded as an icon of the Movement! 15 years ago he died in a tragic accident, when he was only 36 years old. Once he said “A pamphlet is read only once, but a song is learnt by heart and repeated a thousand times.” How true — we still listen to his music and draw inspiration from his songs. Especially today, when our movement is in dire need of extreme — transformation. This is the time to act! When fighting for your race is considered offensive and hateful, we, the Modern National-Socialists have enough pride and strength of character to fight the enormous odds!

We have been persecuted in the past and we are being persecuted at present, for our ideological convictions and the love for our own race. It’s a shame, when people we once considered the leaders of this movement —

turned cowards and traitors! It’s a shame, when they seek Jewish advice and don’t hear our voices! It’s a shame when they ban symbols, such as the swastika… the very essence of who we are!

Instead, they feed us with lies and expect us to roll over and listen — never! They call for unity and want us to forget real fighters like: Hitler, Rockwell, Hess and Strasser! They want us to forget the past and merge us, into the conservative wing, so they themselves can become real politicians and gain respect. All for self aggrandizement and greed. They want us to follow their tactics of doom and deception, while slowly destroying the racialist camp from within.

The unavoidable conflict hangs in the air; you can get a whiff of it, and smell the stench! — a stench of treason which is suffocating us. These inbred impotents “offer” us unity in exchange for control and political correctness!

Comrades, I will say one thing: This is not a family operated business, but a live movement… which, at this point is crystallizing and moving forward! No more pro-Zionist tactics, no more turning to safer ground. No more sacred cows! Sieg Heil!

I have a message, from Ian Stuart in the form of a quote. He said: “I am not the type of person to creep and crawl to a bunch of weak-kneed, pacifist lefties, and two-faced Zionists. One must be honest to people about one’s beliefs and especially when the survival of our very race is at stake.”

So, as you see, we won’t deal with the two-faced Zionists who assume leadership! Individuals, who are misrepresenting us, and causing more harm than good. There is no compromise with them, they have to be purged — so the idea may live! We do not intend to blend with the masses, nor the Republican Party! That’s not tactics, that is suicide, and treason! White Nationalism is geing diverted and hijacked, and we know it. We can read the writing on the wall. They are getting weaker, and making more, and more concessions than ever before. We, the National Socialists, can, and will fight, reactionary politics! It is high noon; tell ourselves the truth, face reality and stop telling stories about unity… when we are dealing with a foe from within, who are nothing more than glorified nationalists with fuzzy and unspecified goals. How can we cooperate with these people, when they are in bed, with the biological vermin?! And trying to undermine everything that we worked for?!

Unity cannot be forged by mere words — unity cannot stand if we are being lied to and taken for a ride! Stop supporting these white conservatives, it’s a waste of time! They are trying to appeal to the masses, (ha, what an original concept,) to blend in, so there will be no trace left of the 14 Words! This is not acceptable! We are not sheep, we are thinking men and women! We can think for ourselves and we are not afraid, to take the initiative, into our own two hands! We are going ahead and building new structures, independent from the movement we used to know. The status quo is changing, and we are determined to turn things around. Death to reactionary politics!

Today, we are standing together under the swastika banner, the symbol of revolution for white working people across the world. You are the diamonds in the dust, you are the political soldiers that Ian Stuart was singing about! In his memory, I ask you to give him well deserved respect — and for the traitors and cowards… give them hell!

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