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  1. If only we let Dna8 post his chubby ebony women,...

    If only we let Dna8 post his chubby ebony women, he would never leave. Nothing much to do about it now only accept that this a Dna8-free hood forever and ever now.

    I hope you proud of...
  2. No 1 reason why Dna8 will never come back (and why that's a Good Thing (for him)):

    Too busy doing more important things in life:
  3. Reincarnation: Sometimes you a kang, sometimes a slave. FACT.

    02 | Reincarnation
    Ahem. Reincarnation.

    Interesting, fascinating topic, isn't it? What or who you might've been in your previous lives and shit. Makes you...
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    Whoa hey now, sweaty, that's not a very nice...

    Whoa hey now, sweaty, that's not a very nice thing to say to Richmondbread. Wait a minu--
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    Makeup and "auspicious" lighting, dawg. Pontid...

    Makeup and "auspicious" lighting, dawg. Pontid with the right amount of makeup can pass as pseudo Levantine (Middle Eastern).
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    Alpine as in Alpinoid, not Alpinid (proper)....

    Alpine as in Alpinoid, not Alpinid (proper). That's what I use to motherfucking describe a hybrid/mixed phenotype where the Alpine element shows the most which is what I see here.

    Just an FIY, I...
  7. Classify a "Genderqueer Feminist" YouTuber.

    Note: I am using nigga's old pics because they are not as heavily edited as the most recent pics. Surname of Welsh origin.

    Face from the side:
  8. lul (Q.E.D.). Tbh, the informal United States'...

    lul (Q.E.D.).

    Tbh, the informal United States' 52nd State of Israel (official name: 美利堅合眾國以色列特別行政區)'s government (governor-general Bibi) has brewed 99 motherfucking problems but Hebraization of...
  9. Fauxretrogaming was a mistake.

    Funny that a video game from fucking 1993 or whatever has a better overall look than a video game from 2019. Smh.
    I mean, either play the silly-ass graphics 100 MB dosbox game or go home, nigga....
  10. Youtube algorithm (pbuh) works in mysterious ways.

    1. Ignocide: Hollowcost EP

    #1. Swans + technical...
  11. Case closed.

    Both the coroner and Associated Press agree, this is how it actually happened:
  12. In a nutshell:
  13. Documentary #2: "I Share My Husband With My Boyfriend" (Unedited Version)

    Description (by youtube comment section niggas): "so this is what happened to bella, edward and jacob after twilight..."
  14. 2018 Study: Negative correlation between test. concentration and preference for sophisticated music.

    Negative correlation between salivary testosterone concentration and preference for sophisticated music in males (2018)
  15. Jane Goodall Behavior Institute: Homo Sapiens Sapiens™️" Greatest Hits. [NSFW]

    <<< 00 (more humans in the wild)

    In the animal kingdom, homo sapiens sapiens-based lifeforms are considered especially puzzling. In mom's attic, the dedicated detective who investigates these...
  16. Southern Italian men...

    Southern Italian men
  17. Fat Positive Egalitarian Wrestling 4 Gender Equality. #SexismDestroyed #Wow
  18. "Flotsam River Circus Live Portland Oregon 8-3-2019."

    Stay in school or this is your future lul.

    Some proloj introduction shit:
    @17:03 ("We are all invasive mutant fish tonight, are we naht?")

    Music parts:
  19. TUTORIAL: How 2 Be a Better LGBTQGRIDSAI* Ally | OFFICIAL Apricity Antifa HQ. 🏳️🌈🌎

    (Pinkfont to keep the thread testosterone [=male supremacist] free.)

    This week I realized something. Something that Woke Me Up inside. Something that CHANGED my e-life and that is I have been on...
  20. It's safe to assume this ain't happening for that...

    It's safe to assume this ain't happening for that 40-year-old incel. It's time to give up on this sick pipe dream, this borderline cruel fantasy that "Richmondbread" will ever have sex with another...
  21. >I was just wondering ...

    >I was just wondering
  22. >I am puzzled why having eyes that slant upward...

    >I am puzzled why having eyes that slant upward would be considered aesthetically pleasing? IMO, It looks odd and almost cat like. It isn't attractive at all.
  23. 🌈 Top Scientists Explain Homosexuality (In 4 Hours or Less).mpg
  24. Note that I would never go to any site...

    Note that I would never go to any site trustworthy news source CNN has listed as "problematic" but my dear friend who goes on 4chan can 100% confirm that the events and characters portrayed in...
  25. 4chan: The Horror Movie [Abridged] (2012)

    "For the lols!"

    (watch the masterpiece on youtube.)
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