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  1. Poll: Classify and place a TLOU2 (2020) Italian model.

    Pokemon info: Italian name, Italian surname.
    Paleo Sardinian?
  2. >1.4% You are, without a doubt, the King of Jews...

    You are, without a doubt, the King of Jews now, Morty.
  3. The Stillest Hour excerpt (tr. Thomas Common).

    Unless Dna8 returns (#PeacefulProtest), this is officially me last post here. Finna go out for a jog and search for Dick (and other Serbian men). #NoDickNoPeace

    Now quoting my favorite fap...
  4. Poll: Rate and classify a half-Nigerian half-Estonian chad twink from /r9k/.

    Pokedex info: Nigerian mother, Estonian father.
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    Jomonmogging (JHG*) Japanese.

    Related: <<<Japanese entry in a 1922 encyclopedia

    Let's get some Jomonmoggers up in this motherfucker.
  6. Pristine Incel Vicinity—Social Education Xenolith. [studies, advice, pozitive vibez] [ᴄᴏᴍᴇ ɪɴ ;]

    See also: >>>"Shy-Boys" Documentary
    [homemade thread theme]*

    Local clownmaxxing autistic ethnic Becky black(pill)mogging poor innocent bluepilled boyos...
  7. #18. 🔥

    The people of Minneapolis and St. Paul must've been stunned to see their beloved twin cities (#MinnesotaSevenEleven #NeverForget) used as a transformative, genre-redefining, trope-subverting canvas...
  8. It wasn't supposed to be a documentary....

    It wasn't supposed to be a documentary.
  9. Complete Confederacy Cantons.
    I think I'm in...
  10. "China [to] take full control of Hong Kong."

    Aw shit here we go again.
  11. #MythMurderMoment

    This doesn't sound nearly as implausible as you thought it did.

    [I]n Colonial times Sephardim made up the majority of the Jewish population. (Wiki)


    In addition to Crypto-Jews in...
  12. 👏 Unpacking 👏 S🤡ciety.exe 👏 With 👏 A 👏 New 👏 Banger (dedicated to society):
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    Yeah, I'm thinking it slaps in a Belgian minimal...

    Yeah, I'm thinking it slaps in a Belgian minimal synth kind of way.
  14. Two studies: Effects of pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) on dreaming.


    Effects of pyridoxine on dreaming: a preliminary study.
    Ebben M1, Lequerica A, Spielman A.
    The effect of pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) on dreaming was investigated in a placebo, double-blind...
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    >post-Neolithic Levantines pulling a mass 187 on...

    >post-Neolithic Levantines pulling a mass 187 on meta-Neolithic Levantines
    Brothas killing brothas is the way of the world, dawg.

    Ngl, them some spicy alternate hypotheses that still make me...
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    I miss Dna8.

    Dna8, more like Dnain't.
  17. I made 2 fabulous upbeat covers of Spice Slags top 40 hits (dedicated to Tooting Carmen ;)

    This time I took the previous vaporwave session tracks and went medieval on the motherfucker. I experimented with various sounds instead of merely building upon a singular sample like a hack*,...
  18. News: "Monty Python too white for today's BBC."

    When did The Onion News Empire acquire all news media?
    Cleese's response: ...
  19. Article: "5G Means You'll Have to Say Goodbye to Your Location Privacy."
    5G means you’ll have to say goodbye to your location privacy
    By Michael Grothaus

    The ...
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    European phenotypes grid.

    I wish you could do with phenotypes what you can do in a RPG character customization menu, i.e. moving them motherfucking sliders in whichever direction you desire and the 3D head morphing along the...
  21. Travelogue SPECIAL 3 — Vagrant Holiday: Japan, Europe, California.

    The best "I love to travel :)" documentary series, period. Discovery/Disney/Netflix not even with all the motherfucking money in the world could ever come close to...
  22. #gotem #fatality #Top10GoreAnimeDeaths...

    #gotem #fatality #Top10GoreAnimeDeaths
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    Noric/Gorid. A Sarah Wayne Callies-looking ass...

    A Sarah Wayne Callies-looking ass balanced pan-(Central Euro-shifted Southeastern) European look.
  24. Poll: EXCLUSIVE: Triple K dropping a hot summer 1984 cyberpunk vaporwave banger (#1 Zimbabwe club hit)

    I channeled my weirdo superpowers into making these three cute little tracks. This is my, pardon my Latin, bona fide début excursion into the music realm so be sure to e-pat me on the head for the...
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    >geolocation-based results Funny, since...

    >geolocation-based results
    Funny, since 23confirmationbiasandme does the same yet costs fifty times this cute little app. Susan Wojcicki's sister finally BTFO?
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