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    Koto music.
    Dropping mean Japanese zither bangers that are the perfect soundtrack for these troubled, troubled times.
  2. How many pandemics started because bats pissed on...

    How many pandemics started because bats pissed on a scientist? That's motherfucking comedy gold right there.
  3. 🦇 Wu Flu 🦇 ("It's just a cold, bro.") (Jim's streams)

    Get a load of these sick early spring bangers. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
  4. A Very White Chr🎄stmas with the KKK (Klassic Khristmas Kartoons). 🧤

    [thread theme]

    It's beginning to look like White Christmas, everywhere you go . . .
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    Me: 6'5, black male, Allah-fearing Muslim,...

    Me: 6'5, black male, Allah-fearing Muslim, Marine, over 200 confirmed kills.
  6. Eminem - Impeach Blumpf 2020 (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) #powerful

    Brapft BTFO!
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    List: Gypsy Americans.
  8. The Japanese Race (from a 1922 encyclopedia).

    Walter Weston: "Japan. The Island Empire & Its Cultured People."

    Full article:
    Excerpt (interesting...
  9. Sexual violence committed by the Allied forces against Okinawan women (excerpt).

    from the book "Japan's Comfort Women, Sexual Slavery & Prostitution During the US Occupation" by Tanaka, Yuki:

    Based on the research in oral history that he...
  10. Black American face average (morph).

    >that melanined merican male morph
    He cute. Would add him to my harem/5
  11. Right, who could forget the classic Disney fairy...

    Right, who could forget the classic Disney fairy tale Snow Black and the Seven Transsexual Midgets.
  12. James Watson, Francis Crick on Rosalind Franklin, each other, and scientists (quotes),+James+Watson,+Rosalind+Franklin+y+Mauricie+Wilkins+fue+el+adelanto+mas+decisivo..jpg...
  13. News: Semen contains traces of donor's DNA after a bone marrow transplant.

    Okay, this is epic. In this instance, nigga in question had a vasectomy (no sperm in his semen), so when his semen was tested, the crime lab matched it with the DNA of someone else:

    Writing for...
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    Life of a male jail punk.

    "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude,
    except as a punishment for crime
    whereof the party shall have been duly
    convicted, shall exist within the United States,
    or any place subject to...
  15. Review: LIFE™ (developed by God Game Games/Big Bang Bro Project/EA) [IGN: 0.9]

    On the surface, a h*ckingly gorgeous, genre-redefining, trope-subverting, emotionally-draining, gut-wrenching, splencredibly daring,...
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    Poll: Looks more: Irish or Italian?

    De Niro: "I probably identify more with my Italian side than with my other parts."

    25% Italian
    25% Irish
    50% Dutch, English, French Huguenot, Irish, German
  18. Poll: Looks more: Ashkenazi or Irish?

    This nigga 75% Ashkenazi Jewish and 25% Irish. Funny, I see that Irish part really stand out like he one motherfucking Simon-Helbergian rung removed from looking like Owen Wilson's brother. His Irish...
  19. Bechdel Test Results for Notable Producers, Directors, Studios 1995-2015.

    >Weinstein scored as the most feminist-friendly...
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    The Smithsonian Gambit.
  21. tumblr-isms (All CLASSIC Episodes) [Special Snowflake Season Yuletide Box Set]
  22. #15. Dream

  23. #14 (Compilation: 2010s in a nutshell.)

  24. #13. Nation
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    Victor Bregeda "Setting the Stage"
    Victor Bregeda...
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