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  1. Poll: Does this lawyer/former FBI agent look more West or South Asian?

    "from Karnataka, India" (of Kannada descent).
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  3. Depression Documentary: Hiljaisen Talven Lapsi.

    Synopsis: Physically (parents) and psychologically (school bullying) abused Finnish niggas dealing with depression and existential dread.
  4. Poll: Anything the Zion Bee Queen Hivemind wills,...

    Anything the Zion Bee Queen Hivemind wills, Gassing Carmen.

    Gliese 667 Cb looks motherfucking great this time of year.
  5. Hehe Silly Vids (silly vids).

    First: DWECK
    Second: The Onion (pre-Univision acquisition era).

    "The Fireman"
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    Choose your own playlist "adventure" (smh)

    001 . Streets of Jazz (Good Future (for sleepers))

    Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone

  7. The new Police Academy reboot looking hella fire...

    The new Police Academy reboot looking hella fire there. 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
  8. Best part of the vid: 0:00 - 0:02. ...

    Best part of the vid: 0:00 - 0:02.
  9. Cioran (interview documentary w/EN subs) [It's all so tiresome™: The Philosophy.]

    Philosophy: Impersonal anxiety; refuge among anemic ideas. (lel)
  10. Poll: Lil Bumpkin.

    Lil Bumpkin.
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  12. Full Film: "The Engagement" (2008) [100% on RottenTomatoes®][email protected]@._ V1_.jpg

    Plot: "David (Andy...
  13. Poll: Based and whitepilled....

    Based and whitepilled.
  14. A daring hypothesis, Morty, and I think this ties...

    A daring hypothesis, Morty, and I think this ties well into my "racially ambiguous Alpinoids" argument. I am less mixed than the average American Ashkenazi Ashkenican't and it's funny, I had Central...
  15. Condoleezza Rice: A "POC" overlooked by the Far Left out of convenience?

    Far Left: "Be humble, always listen to a POC and also fuck white people lol."
    Also Far Left: *elects old white women and old white men into...
  16. Platinum Tier Thread (Certified) t. platinum thread curator
  17. Complete family tree of Chris-Chan.

    Still more believable than RB's lel.
  18. Chris-Chan (British American)'s ancestry (23andme results)
  19. RottenTomatoes review rating of your post: 2/5

    Ummmm I said stories, not your best avant-garde impression of a typical altrighteous post my sweet summer friendo. And your best impression sucks, too! Where are the dope-ass Khazar Empire...
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    ooOOOoOo The plot of this Applecity hood daytime...

    The plot of this Applecity hood daytime soap opera thickens.
  21. News: "U.S. autism rates rising fastest for Hispanics, blacks."

    Some of the increase in autism rates among minorities is due to more awareness and better detection, but it's likely that other factors are involved, according to...
  22. >average Family Guy episode ...

    >average Family Guy episode
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    Screenplays written by AIs.
    Non-film related but also written by AIs.

    Batman (2019)
  24. Gun Law Tales SPECIAL – "PEOPLE HAVE SHORT MEMORIES" (Greenwood Massacre, Kent State Massacre, etc)

    You always hear "fuck the gubmint" but is it possible that the government and its corporation overlords that own it has been saying "fuk the peeple" all this time because the hate is mutual? Lmfao,...
  25. The "I Wanna Be a School Shooter When I Grow Up" Case Study (Coldsteel Cruz Syndrome).

    Summary: "Boy, those Columbine massacre shooters were so cool. Also, I can't get a bf/gf so to H*CK with society lol."

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