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  1. Poll: Based and whitepilled....

    Based and whitepilled.
  2. A daring hypothesis, Morty, and I think this ties...

    A daring hypothesis, Morty, and I think this ties well into my "racially ambiguous Alpinoids" argument. I am less mixed than the average American Ashkenazi Ashkenican't and it's funny, I had Central...
  3. Condoleezza Rice: A "POC" overlooked by the Far Left out of convenience?

    Far Left: "Be humble, always listen to a POC and also fuck white people lol."
    Also Far Left: *elects old white women and old white men into...
  4. Platinum Tier Thread (Certified) t. platinum thread curator
  5. Complete family tree of Chris-Chan.

    Still more believable than RB's lel.
  6. Chris-Chan (British American)'s ancestry (23andme results)
  7. RottenTomatoes review rating of your post: 2/5

    Ummmm I said stories, not your best avant-garde impression of a typical altrighteous post my sweet summer friendo. And your best impression sucks, too! Where are the dope-ass Khazar Empire...
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    ooOOOoOo The plot of this Applecity hood daytime...

    The plot of this Applecity hood daytime soap opera thickens.
  9. News: "U.S. autism rates rising fastest for Hispanics, blacks."

    Some of the increase in autism rates among minorities is due to more awareness and better detection, but it's likely that other factors are involved, according to...
  10. >average Family Guy episode ...

    >average Family Guy episode
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    Screenplays written by AIs.
    Non-film related but also written by AIs.

    Batman (2019)
  12. Gun Law Tales SPECIAL – "PEOPLE HAVE SHORT MEMORIES" (Greenwood Massacre, Kent State Massacre, etc)

    You always hear "fuck the gubmint" but is it possible that the government and its corporation overlords that own it has been saying "fuk the peeple" all this time because the hate is mutual? Lmfao,...
  13. The "I Wanna Be a School Shooter When I Grow Up" Case Study (Coldsteel Cruz Syndrome).

    Summary: "Boy, those Columbine massacre shooters were so cool. Also, I can't get a bf/gf so to H*CK with society lol."

  14. Psychology of an Abusive Relationship (WBUR).

    Fun fact: Cops beat their spouses like no one else and "typically...
  15. Enter the "Cumbrain" Dimension (deep & thorough penetration of the disturbing porn addiction world):

    This is one, dare I motherfucking say, Lynchian experience?

    (Pay a closer attention to the faces in the background lel.)
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    Poll: Sorry nerds but I am a bad guy. [Billie Eilish...

    Sorry nerds but I am a bad guy. [Billie Eilish "bad guy" starts playing]
  17. Hehe Silly Comics (silly comics).

    hahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is the most retarded thing ever and I fucking love it:

  18. LOL. This deserves at least 10 upboats but it...

    LOL. This deserves at least 10 upboats but it appears Apricity userbase once again exposes itself as peasants with no taste for refined gems such as this one.
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    Unpacking the Doggy Style position:

    Doggy style (on the receiving end) is I bet Mexicano's favorite position because that is the signature move of every cock-hungry twink whore with a death wish (now you see the condom on and now you...
  20. Altright Deradicalization Safe Space Zone.

    Were you radicalized by Altright Hate Machine™ too? Share YOUR story.

    • Let me tell you my true story. The story how I broke the pernicious & problematic Reddit conditioning. So there I was, >be...
  21. This is what the world without fascist pigs (cops) looks like and it's #BEAUTIFUL.

    FUCK the po-pos.
  22. Niggas by Skeen Cola: Pale, Pink, Brunet, Yellow-Brown, Brown, Black. (Renato Biasutti, 1956)

    This is interesting.
  23. Sanctimonious Jiveass Wankers lol. ...

    Sanctimonious Jiveass Wankers lol.
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    Thx for the illuminating blog post, dawg....

    Thx for the illuminating blog post, dawg. Subscribed, upboated, and donated to your patreon.

    Well congratulations, incels are rising up. Now what's the next step of their master plan?
  25. Take that, Reddit!

    >Sam and his fellow Redditors used language that was often violently hostile
    >Sam and his fellow Redditors
    >Sam and his fellow Redditors
    That DOES it, I am domain-blocking Reddit dot com all for...
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