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  1. have you seen this
  2. modern "liberalism" = PC dictatorship! = the same old wine in a new skin
  3. thank you for the url-link to a web-site with very interesting reading
  4. haters will say this is fake — just more ukrainian propaganda
  5. Poll: not gay — worth a visit

    The Kazakhs of the Altai mountain range in western Mongolia are the only people that hunt with golden eagles, and today there are around 400 practising falconers. Ashol-Pan, the daughter of a...
  6. asked and answered
  7. Thread: Tits thread


    albanian television
  8. a bridge too far

    The operational update
    regarding the russian invasion
    on 18.00 on May 13, 2022

    How I Destroyed A Russian Battalion
    on the Siverskyi Donets
  9. was this a strategically important area

    Russia's retreat from Kharkiv
  10. what might their reasons have been

    Surveillance video shows Russian soldiers shooting two elderly civilians in the back
  11. we saw the main problem in ukraine:

    the russian invasion lost momentum
    on the low-quality roads
    from the ukrainian border to the interior cities.

    are there high-quality highways
    leading from russia in to finland and sweden?
  12. Sticky: could it be they feared your intellect might be a genetic trait...

    ...and they knew they could not cope with two of you?

    if a man speaks to you
    without a song like this in his heart,
    ignore him
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    Poll: any one want a new tinder profile-image — i have not used this one in a long time

    essential to making that magic happen:
  14. Sticky: the music in my head...

    ...every time i logged on to the nordish portal:
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    four years? seriously? some persons want to see more trains. does your town have any? post 'em.
  16. his contribution to this book was interesting reading
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    Poll: over one hundred google-able citations at the end of each chapter proving every statement
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    that guy in the middle fills their audiences with girls (count them your self)
  19. "For some reason, they like to tell us what they are about to do before they do it."

    those reasons are explained
    and substantiated with over five-hundred references
    that can be googled as proof.
  20. did not know this was my "favorite style" untill seeing this
  21. how are so many high-ranking officers being killed

  22. Salty Ears asks: "and why is Lieutenant-General Alexei Avdeev in the photo?"

    because every one is copying the mistake
    on this page:

    every one means hundreds of newspapers and magazines.

  23. Sticky: The vertical expression of a horizontal intention — you know who you are
  24. an other one — so soon?

  25. Colonel Sergei Sukharev... elite fighter who masterminded the massacre of Ilovaisk in 2014,

    has been killed.
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