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  1. 👏 Unpacking 👏 S🤡ciety.exe 👏 With 👏 A 👏 New 👏 Banger (dedicated to society):
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    Yeah, I'm thinking it slaps in a Belgian minimal...

    Yeah, I'm thinking it slaps in a Belgian minimal synth kind of way.
  3. Two studies: Effects of pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) on dreaming.


    Effects of pyridoxine on dreaming: a preliminary study.
    Ebben M1, Lequerica A, Spielman A.
    The effect of pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) on dreaming was investigated in a placebo, double-blind...
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    >post-Neolithic Levantines pulling a mass 187 on...

    >post-Neolithic Levantines pulling a mass 187 on meta-Neolithic Levantines
    Brothas killing brothas is the way of the world, dawg.

    Ngl, them some spicy alternate hypotheses that still make me...
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    I miss Dna8.

    Dna8, more like Dnain't.
  6. I made 2 fabulous upbeat covers of Spice Slags top 40 hits (dedicated to Tooting Carmen ;)

    This time I took the previous vaporwave session tracks and went medieval on the motherfucker. I experimented with various sounds instead of merely building upon a singular sample like a hack*,...
  7. News: "Monty Python too white for today's BBC."

    When did The Onion News Empire acquire all news media?
    Cleese's response: ...
  8. Article: "5G Means You'll Have to Say Goodbye to Your Location Privacy."
    5G means you’ll have to say goodbye to your location privacy
    By Michael Grothaus

    The ...
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    European phenotypes grid.

    I wish you could do with phenotypes what you can do in a RPG character customization menu, i.e. moving them motherfucking sliders in whichever direction you desire and the 3D head morphing along the...
  10. Travelogue SPECIAL 3 — Vagrant Holiday: Japan, Europe, California.

    The best "I love to travel :)" documentary series, period. Discovery/Disney/Netflix not even with all the motherfucking money in the world could ever come close to...
  11. #gotem #fatality #Top10GoreAnimeDeaths...

    #gotem #fatality #Top10GoreAnimeDeaths
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    Noric/Gorid. A Sarah Wayne Callies-looking ass...

    A Sarah Wayne Callies-looking ass balanced pan-(Central Euro-shifted Southeastern) European look.
  13. Poll: EXCLUSIVE: Triple K dropping a hot summer 1984 cyberpunk vaporwave banger (#1 Zimbabwe club hit)

    I channeled my weirdo superpowers into making these three cute little tracks. This is my, pardon my Latin, bona fide début excursion into the music realm so be sure to e-pat me on the head for the...
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    >geolocation-based results Funny, since...

    >geolocation-based results
    Funny, since 23confirmationbiasandme does the same yet costs fifty times this cute little app. Susan Wojcicki's sister finally BTFO?
  15. Well, they're not entirely wrong. ;^)

    Well, they're not entirely wrong. ;^)
  16. Two studies: Daylight savings time and myocardial infarction.

    As the main potential explanation for the observed findings, DST transition may cause a disruption of the circadian rhythm, which in turn induces changes in sleep quantity and quality [24], together...
  17. "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him."

    Lmfao, this chunky OJ Simpson looking ass babyfaced motherfucker would make Oskar Dirlewanger blush:
  18. 1979 Wall Street hot take: "Well, there's too much democra- bureaucracy going on today."

    That's one hell of a Freudian slip. ;)

    "[Outtakes from a] documentary on the coming of the information age."
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    Documentary: The Gift (2003).

    "Controversial documentary about gay men purposely contracting the AIDS virus."
  20. Mini-Docoomentary: Coomer-Con 2020 @ Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Welcoom to the temple of neo-Babylonian thot worship. Directed by David Lynch.
  21. This Is How an Early 21st Century Society Looks Like (And It's #Beautiful).

    Kardashev type III civilization soon.
  22. ⚰ Gothicc Gathering ⚰. [N☠ P☠SERS ALL☠WED]
    Yeeeboiii it's the Twelve motherfucking Monkeys and shit doomsday season....
  23. All pred. Alpinoid (Alpine hybrids), dawg. ...

    All pred. Alpinoid (Alpine hybrids), dawg.

    Ditto. Rami Malek looking ass motherfucker but cute.
  24. Smh.

    Y'all normie niggas act like the end of the world just because you can't go to your wagie cagies or fuck like rabbits in the club for one minute. I'm OCD/introvert and shit and this my average day....
  25. #17; Tarkovsky's polaroid.
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