In the village of Cherkasskoe occurred armed clash between mobilized soldiers and officers. Army rebellion erupted in the Donetsk region in the village of Cherkasskoe, where the campground of the 93rd mechanized brigade is located.
Dissatisfied with the conditions of their service, the soldiers stated commanders that their rights have been violated: they were violently held for more than 40 days instead of the promised 10 days. In addition, the majority of reservists, as they claim, were fired from their previous jobs and they have nothing to support their families.
In response, the command tried to pacify rebels. It came down to use of weapons. Dissatisfied military men were neutralized and an internal investigation is carried out on their case.
The fact that the Ukrainian authorities have serious problems with the supply of security forces and the army, was reported earlier. April 23, on the road to Slaviansk, soldier of battalion "Dnepr-2", assembled from "Right Sector" militants, was arrested. He said that soldiers were promised to get paid, but they were not paid.