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Thread: Classify Raghuveer Chaudhari

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skipper View Post
    I agree, he is robust, Dinaricised type:

    Raghuveer Chaudhary is from Anjana Chaudhary community of Gujarat. They are also known as Anjana Patidars or Anjana Patels (the real, authentic Upper-Caste Patels, and not the Kunbi Tribal Patels whom have simply borrowed their history, bardic tales of origins and the 'Patel' title, having once made economic strides). Though they claim warrior status, their community is largely associated with agriculture in Gujarat. For this reason, they are known as Patidars/Zamindars or Jagidars- 'land owners' bascially.

    The Kunbi Patels do not have Gotras, but the Anjana Chaudharys do. Some of their Gotra names include:

    ^The Anjanas, along with the Maldharis (Fakrani, Dhaneta, Girasia, and Malaks), are Gujarati Jats. Maldharis are largely found in Kutch and Saurashtra, but there are also plenty in Ahmedabad. The Anjana Chaudharys are distributed across the state, but are particularly concentrated in North and Central Gujarat, in the villages of Palanpur, Jagana, Vasna (Jagana) Chaudhri, Changwada, Changa, Mamawada, Chappi, Vadgam, varasada , madla, bandhavad (all villages are in Banaskantha District) Jalotra, Lalawada, Ranavas, Ratanpur, Merwada, Gola, Dhanera, Deesa, dhinoj, Panthavada, Vav, Tharad.
    Are the patels of Western Madhya pradesh authentic patels or kunbi patels?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shah-Jehan View Post
    Are the patels of Western Madhya pradesh authentic patels or kunbi patels?
    No, in general, Brahmins in Gujarat will not mix with Kunbi Patels. And when they do, it's usually among the types of families whom are lax in regard to their community/caste/background. In this particular example, the girl is involved in Bollywood/Tv. Industry in India and the guy is loaded:

    ^60 years BTW. The Kunbi Patels have been "Patels" for some sixty years now. Prior to that, they were known as just Kunbi Tribals. The remaining Tribal Kunbis in Gujarat still speak the Dagni language and only communicate in Hindi or Gujarati with people outside their community. The surnames they use are Deshmukh, Suryabanshi, Govli, Dhoi, Gangorda, Dadvi, etc.. which are of Marathi origin (and they are found in great numbers in Maharashtra):

    The changes implemented to land tenure policy during the colonial era led to the ascendency of the Kunbis in central Gujarat. The Kunbis and the fishermen Kolis were not too different in their socio-economic position until the end of the 19th century. With the aid of favorable policies, the Kunbis were able to transform themselves into a prosperous caste by the time of the 1931 census, in which they had renamed themselves Lewa Patidars. The etymology of term Patidar, which implied a higher economic status due to land-ownership, comes from one who holds pieces of land called patis.[95]

    A population of Kunbi (locally called Kurumbi) is also found in Goa, where they are believed to be descendants of the area's aboriginal inhabitants. They are largely poor agriculturalists...
    ^Wiki, but what I've quoted is accurate. The Kunbi type populations (in terms of genetics/race/ethnicity) also exist in other regions of South Asia. The Kurmi community of North India and Nepal for instance, I believe are of the same racial stock or very similar. The one Kurmi sample on HAP is very similar to the Kunbi Patel samples.

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