Talking with my cousins who live in Rome I realized that they couldn't understand at all most of the onomatopeic expressions I used; making a comparison with Italian onomatopeics the Sardinian counterparts don't coincide at all, only some of them have the same meaning of Italian, and often the meaning changes if you change your tone from interrogative to neutral or imperative.

*About the pronounces* : the J is to be pronounced like Y

Oja! (with exclamative tone) = ouch! it hurts!
Oi / Oh (annoyed tone)= I don't want to, I don't feel like
Oi Oi / Oi Oja (sympathetic tone) = what a shame, what a disgrace
Ah? (interrogative tone) = what? / I don't understand / I didn't hear
Eh (neutral tone) = yes (diminutive of "émmo" = yes)
Ei (neutral tone) = yes (diminutive of "éja" = yes)
Ei eh! (compliant or menacing tone) = yes yes / you wait and see
Éllo! (exclamative tone) = sure! / I'm not fool!
Ess! / Cess! / Cée! (exclamative tone) = it's unbelievable! / what a disgrace! (diminutive of "Jesus!")
Essi (asking / imperative tone) = give it to me (singular imperative of "Essire" = to exit)
Éssiche! Éssinde! (imperative, rude tone) = get out of the way (could be translated in Italian as "Escici, Escine" = get out from there; Che = abbreviation of Latin "hicce" = there; Inde = Latin "inde" = from there)
Cŕglia! (imperative tone) = shut up! (diminutive of "Cŕgliadi mudu" = shut up (and) mute)
Da! / Dae! (imperative tone) = hurry up (diminutive of "Dae", singular imperative of "Dare" = to give)
e Da / e Dae (asking tone) = let me see, leave me in peace

Ih! (surprised tone) = I can't believe it (diminutive of "ite" = what)
Bah! (disapproving or incredulous tone) = I can't believe it, it's not possible (diminutive of "Bae", singular imperative of "Andare" = to go)
Ma Bae! (same as above)
Mus! (imperative tone) = recall for cats (from Latin "Mus - Muris" = Mouse)
Beh? (interrogative tone) = and now? and then?
Boh?! (perplexed tone) = I don't know
Boh?! Boh?! (disapproving or incredulous tone) = look at these! I can't believe it
Boh (neutral tone) = that's enough
Boh! boh! (imperative tone) = stop!!
Téh! (imperative tone) = take! (diminutive of "Tene", singular imperative of "Ténere" = to keep, to hold)
Tóh! (imperative tone) = take! (probable diminutive of the Spanish "Toma", singular imperative of "Tomar" = to take)
Léh! (imperative tone) = take! (diminutive of "Lea, Leva", singular imperative of "Leare, Levare" = to take)
Mira! (imperative tone) = watch out! be careful!
Mi! (imperative tone) = watch out! be careful! look there! (diminutive of "Mira", it's often used when you point something with your finger)
Putzi! / Pucci! (disgusted tone) = that's disgusting, it's stinking (diminutive of "Putzinosu" = disgusting, stinking; from the verb "Púdere" = to stink; Latin "Putere" = to stink)
Puh! (disgusted tone) = that's disgusting (diminutive of "Putzi, Pucci")
Uff! (annoyed tone and exhaling from your mouth) = how boring (from the verb "Uffiare, Uffrare, Unfrare" = to inflate; Latin "Insufflare or Inflare" = to inflate)