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    Default News from Sardinia - Novas dae Sardigna

    Summer of fire in Sardinia, 800 fires and 11.000 hectares in smoke

    Between July 15 and August 15 there have been 26 fires a day. The disaster of Arbus caused by a farmer who was burning garbage.

    It doesn’t take much to destroy a wood. Fire doesn’t discount, it takes a moment to transform a tree in a handful of ash. To set 800 fires instead it took a month. Because even man doesn’t discount when he must achieve an objective, as far as it can be wrong.

    The Fires. The impressive number of fires set in Sardinia is the result of a count made by Corpo Forestale between July 15 and August 15. Just a mont in which the count of shame stopped to an average of 26 fires a day. Not all are malicious, but most of them don’t cause significant damage and a good number is extinguished just after being set.
    Yet in the island 11 hectares of territory went to smoke (from January to the beginning of September) because of 2866 fires. Unfortunately the count risks to be updated until October 31, when the anti-fires campaign of 2017 will be closed and when it should cease to exist the ideal conditions to transform a rudimentary trigger in a flaming nightmare that devastates nature and terrorizes those who find themselves in the front of fire. Except the incendiaries, the number of fires is exaggerated by all those who believe to be above the anti-fire ordinances who decide to defy even the rules of common sense with irresponsible behaviours which often end up to endanger human lives or to cancel centuries of Mother’s Nature work.

    The Damages.
    The fire that devastated the area between Arbus and Gonnostramatza on July 31 was of malicious origin. It was set by a farmer which had in mind to burn a pile of garbage during one of the hottest days of the year, into a plot of land surrounded by dry plants and leaves. An imprudence that costed 3000 hectares of wood transformed into ash during the 30 hours of the fire’s life. Not only, to the count must be added 5 touristic structures evacuated, the penal colony of Is Arenas abandoned in a hurry by guards and prisoners, escaped to a beach of Costa Verde where they passed the night. Were not able to escape in time instead many animals burned to death while they were trying to escape from a fire with a front 10km long. The farmer has been reported, but the idea that the enormous fire that turned to ash 3000 hectares of Costa Verde could be avoided continues to turn in the heads of who has lost everything, agricultural and animal holdings. Different matter instead for the fire that during the half of July hit the area of San Teodoro and Budoni which forced the authorities to order a maxi evacuation that withdrew from houses and campings over 1000 people. The flames had been set voluntarily just when the wind was starting to blow. A strategy that amplifies the destructive power of fire and that is by now into the DNA of those who set fires. A nonsense in an island blessed by particular benevolent nature in which however, every year we shed tears of ash when the moment to count the damages arrives.

    Article in Sardinian language :

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