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Thread: Average Russian faces from the Streets. (short 10min video)

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    That was an interesting video to see. The pale colour of the sky there looks similar to the colour of the sky here.

    English people generally like Russian people. (My Mum loved her stay in Russia while she was visiting and exploring St Petersburg and Moscow last year.) Both the English and Russians like fine ballet and both nations have world-renowned ballet companies and ballet schools. Both nations enjoy gymnastics, and both nations have won gold-medals in Olympic ice-skating and enjoy outdoor winter ice-skating rinks.

    I like Tchaikovsky, chess, Russian dolls, and I also love Russian Stroganoff (except I only like it when it's made with chicken as I don't eat beef.) I think President Vladimir Putin is an amazing person and a very cool President.

    I know of a very friendly, talkative, wealthy, older Russian man in London who always dresses in smart and expensive-looking suits, and he has his own little shop in a nice area where he has a business printing maps and playing cards. He's not like a stereotypical reserved Russian as he's often smiling in his shop, and he's very bubbly, outgoing, and lively.

    He always gets up from behind the computers in his little intriguing shop to stop and talk for ages to my boyfriend (who introduced me to him) while I usually just quietly stand there listening to them both.

    One time, he even gave me a set of magic trick playing cards as a gift after showing me some cool tricks with them, which I've still kept hold of.

    My boyfriend said that the Russian man dines with the Queen's husband (the Duke of Edinburgh) at banquets sometimes. (I just politely smiled and said nothing, but thought to myself, 'sure, yeah right!' )

    But even though I said nothing, my boyfriend could tell that I wasn't convinced at first, so he asked the Russian man to show me the pictures of him dining with the Duke of Edinburgh.... and he went behind his desk and lo-and-behold, he pulled out a large framed picture of himself at a banquet table of men dressed in suits and with the Duke of Edinburgh present. He said that he goes to the banquet event each year.

    Prince Michael of Kent, GCVO CD, is related to the last Russian Tsar. He is a paternal first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, being a grandson of King George V and Queen Mary. He is named after Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich of Russia, the younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and a first cousin of three of Michael's grandparents:

    (The man dressed as Batman (below at 0:22) is foreign and not from the UK. The man at 0:55 has an Australian accent. The female at 1:30 has a foreign accent. The man with the weird voice and accent at 1:48 is also foreign and not from the UK.)

    A British man went to Russia on a business trip and he ended-up staying there and becoming a Russian farmer. I saw a news report several years ago on RT showing a long queue of English students and tourists who were there because they were eager to learn Russian and they wanted to learn more about Russian culture.

    London is sometimes dubbed as 'London-grad' due to the large Russian community here, including Russian millionaires.

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    Average East Slavic faces. Nothing exotic whatsoever about them...

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