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Swedish men tend to be extremly respectful towards women and strangers.
Swedes tend to even walk very far behind women at night or non crowded areas to not make the woman feel uncomfertable, even take a different road even tho its longer.
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BTW: There was a thread in TA (lately)....asking which countries you hate in Europe....now Portugal is in my list.
Let a woman walk alone(making it vulnerable to be attacked by any second rapist) so she won't dislike your comments in apruz forums.

That's some societal cancer right there.

Yeah, staying away from the cuckery called monotheism for as long as absolutely possible. They get points for that.

Some of the most intelligent warriors in history. They didn't have the numbers or the organization together to be a big army, but that was all cultural. They preferred to get in, destroy and steal, and get out.
Monotheism is in the lesser end of cuckoldry for many reasons, first of all it makes more logical sense so you won't wake up with illusions. Seeing some action packed imaginary(Vikings used to shave and take their women to their expeditions) warriors on TV is cool. It's like cocaine but be careful because you might wake up sober and autistic, not to say that idolizing the "rape achievements" of stronger men sounds already cucky. On the other hand, monotheistic and non-theistic religions across Eurasia give you good reasons to self-improve and stand straight.