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Thread: What bratislava is famous for

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    Default What bratislava is famous for

    Slovan Bratislava became the first and so far only club in Slovakia as well as former Czechoslovakia to win one of the European cup competitions, the Cup Winners' Cup when they defeated FC Barcelona in the final in Basel in 1969. The club also supplied seven players to the victorious UEFA Euro 1976 Czechoslovak team.ŠK_Slovan_Bratislava

    One of the first parachute jumps was in Bratislava
    Faust Vrancic Faustus Verantius), from Croatia, who constructed the parachute, jumped with it from the tower of St. Martin's Cathedral in Bratislava in the presence of many citizens in 1603

    One of the first helicopter flights in human history was in Bratislava
    one of the earliest helicopter models which he developed using an internal combustion engine as a power source.[4] On 5 May 1905, a version reached a height of 14 ft (4.3 m) and flew 5,300 ft (1,615 m)án_Bahýľ

    Ice Hockey Legend Golonka

    Krav Maga was invented in Bratislava

    Naval explorer Ludwin von Höhnelöhnel

    Pianist Johann Nepomuk Hummel

    Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria

    Kempelen famous inventor

    Nobel prize winner Lenard

    Father of the water turbine

    plasma television, thermographic camera and world's first automatic pilotless aircraftálmán_Tihanyi

    Peter Stastny is the second highest scorer of the 1980s after Wayne GretzkyŠťastný

    Mathematical analysis

    Inline skating championá

    Ski championá

    Racing sportscar made in bratislava

    Bratislava had first champagne factory outside of France:
    French soldier Johann Evangelist Hubert from champagne region in France, stayed in Slovakia. He fell in love with Slovak girl-Paula. They got married and had many children, but that was not the only fruit of their love. Johann tried several jobs, but later he decided to start what he was doing at home- champagne. So give it a go and learn how is the sparkling wine made and taste it.

    In the 9th century, the castles at Brezalauspurc and Devín were important centres of the Slavic states: the Principality of Nitra and Great Moravia

    "Brezalauspurc" dates to 907 and is related to the Battle of Bratislava during which the Bavarian army was defeated by the Hungarians.

    11 Hungarian kings and queens were crowned in bratislava, the city flourished during the 18th-century reign of Queen Maria Theresa becoming the largest and most important town in Hungary.

    1465 - Universitas Istropolitana established.

    the city was designated the new capital of Hungary in 1536

    1552 - Holy Crown of Hungary housed in Bratislava Castle.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave a concert here in 1762. Joseph Haydn performed here. Ludwig van Beethoven was a guest in 1796

    The Battle of Blumenau was the last battle fought in the Austro-Prussian War, on 22 July 1866

    19th century history was closely tied to the major events in Europe. The Peace of Pressburg between Austria and France was signed here in 1805. Devin Castle was ruined by Napoleon's French troops during an invasion of 1809

    The first horse-drawn railway from Bratislava to Svätý Jur, was built in 1840´

    Bratislava was bombarded by the Allies, occupied by German troops in 1944, and eventually taken by troops of the Soviet 2nd Ukrainian Front on 4 April 1945.
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