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Thread: Did the Armenian genocide actually happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAGANE View Post
    [QUOTE = Annihilus; 6236644] Моля, запознайте малко собствената си история.

    По време на Руско-османската война през 1877-1878 г. броят на турците е намален наполовина от 1,6 милиона на 800 000 чрез бягство, прогонване и убиване.

    По време на Балканските войни (1912-1914 г.) около 150 000 турци са били изгонени или убити на анексираните от България територии.

    В края на 1984 г. и началото на 1985 г. имената на 800 000 души са българизирани, тоест заменени със славянски и християнски имена, разглеждани като български.

    През лятото на 1989 г., между 30 май и 22 август, България едностранно прогони 360 000 български граждани в съседна Турция.

    България извърши мащабно етническо прочистване. Трябва да си последният, който говори за това, което са направили турците.

    Спомняте ли си, че казах, че бащината ми страна е изгонена от Гърция? Много преди това те бяха изгонени или избягали от България. Баща ми е почти пълен български генетично. [/ ЦИТОВЕ]

    And the expelled Turks from the time after the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878. until 1914 is it equal to the deliberate destruction of my people for 500 years through physical extermination and Islamization and the subsequent change of identity ?! And I am talking only about the Bulgarians, and this happened with all the Christian peoples of the Balkans, who had the misfortune to fall under the Ottomans' dependence. The Turks in Bulgaria after the War of 1877-78 who wanted to stay and not live in the Omani empire stayed and lived. Many of them fought for Bulgaria in the coming wars from the beginning of the 20th century. In 1878. Between 200 and 300 thousand were Bulgarian refugees from Edirne and White Sea Thrace and from all over Macedonia, who remained in the Ottoman Empire at that time. At the same time, a huge wave of Turks, Circassians and Tatars are leaving the villages and leaving for Turkey. In 1903, over 150,000 people were expelled from Aegean and Vardar Macedonia, still under the Ottomans. The biggest refugee wave towards Bulgaria is after the Inter-Allied War of 1913. over 350,000.
    The names of the Turks in Bulgaria, which were changed in 1984. were returned in 1989. Today, everyone has Muslim names. And for 500 years of Islamization, suppose how many of these Turks in Bulgaria are really Turks, not descendants of Islamized Bulgarians.?! To remind of the mass Islamization of the Rhodope Mountains and the population that today professes Islam, but speaks to the Bulgarian Pomaks.
    Bulgarians were Christianified at one point, do you honestly think the common people had anything to say in that? How is Christianization any different from Islamization?

    And I don't mind being part Bulgarian, because Bulgars.

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    [QUOTE = Annihilus; 6236726] Българите бяха християнизирани в един момент, наистина ли смятате, че обикновените хора имаха какво да кажат в това? По какъв начин християнизацията се различава от ислямизацията?

    И аз нямам нищо против да бъда част от българина, защото българите. [/ ЦИТАТ]

    The Christianization of the Bulgarians begins with their arrival in the Balkans and this is a gradual process, but inevitable because they enter into close relations and contacts with Byzantium, the local Christianized and Romanized to the 7th century Thracian population and the Slavs, especially those in the western Balkans, Macedonia and the area around Thessaloniki. The most important point is the admission of Christianity as the official state religion in the mid-9th century, dictated by political reasons. Then it is more a political act than a purely religious one. You ask me in what way is Christianization different from Islamization? Well, because there is no change in ethnic identification. You can be a Christian and stay Bulgarian, Serb, Greek, and more.

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