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Cats can damage your furniture though, especially soft parts.

If you don't like ants here is a nice YouTube channel for you:

Fortunately I have good kitties. They don't scratch the furniture.

As for ants, I have millions of them at the moment. They come out during summer. My house is built on an ant colony, so come spring, they arrive with granny, grandpa, aunts, uncles and two million cousins in tow. You can't leave anything outside. The go for the sugar, peanut butter, cat food and all over the rubbish bin. You also can't put a hose down the hole they come out of because they'll just migrate to another colony. Apparently they have dozens of areas under ground and if you flood one part of it, they just pick up their queen and grubs and move to another part. I'm waiting for the ant-free winter months now.