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Thread: Karakachanov: Gypsies in Bulgaria have Become Extremely Arrogant and Tolerance is wearing thin

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    Default Karakachanov: Gypsies in Bulgaria have Become Extremely Arrogant and Tolerance is wearing thin

    Minister Karakachanov: Gypsies in Bulgaria have Become Extremely Arrogant and the Tolerance of Bulgarian Society is Wearing Thin
    January 8, 2019

    Gypsies in Bulgaria have become extremely arrogant and the tolerance of Bulgarian society is wearing thin, Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov said to reporters with regard to the latest case of assault on a serviceman in the village of Voyvodinovo, Focus Radio has reported.

    Karakachanov pointed out that a policeman was beaten a few days ago, and now a military, and that it cannot continue anymore. Minister Karakachanov is in Voyvodinovo to discuss with the mayor of the Municipality and with the Ministry of Interior regional director what measures will be taken regarding the specific case.

    “The truth is that we need a comprehensive programme to solve the Gypsy issue. People will not tolerate a part of the population who have only rights and do not want to understand that they have duties as well and must respect the law,” the minister said. According to Karakachanov, the measures have to be a tie-up of social benefits with education and work. According to him, Bulgaria should stop listening to all sorts of Brussels officials and human rights activists.

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    Yesterday Hundreds of Roma People Demanded the Resignation of Deputy PM with a Protest in Sofia

    More than 200 people of Roma origin went on Monday to protest at the Council of Ministers with the request for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Krassimir Karakachanov. Their discontent was provoked by the demolition of the Roma neighborhood in the village of Voyvodinovo in Plovdiv and Karakachanov's comment that "the Gypsies have become extremely insolent". Protesters blame the deputy prime minister of "ethnic hatred"

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