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Thread: Which country is more racist nowadays: the United States or Mexico?

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    Default Which country is more racist nowadays: the United States or Mexico?

    The answer may seem obvious, because of the racist history of the United States. But this country has evolved a lot, and recently it has had a black president, in addition to many other politicians of different ethnicities. The same could be said of the stars of television and cinema.

    In Mexico, the condition is different. It does not seem to have evolved. The same colonial structures remain almost intact. According to Wikipedia, 85% of Mexicans are amerindians or mestizos, and 15% are white (what in Mexico generally means South European or Levantine). We have an example in Mexican television, where people with Amerindian features practically do not exist. But it is much more serious in the matter of the distribution of wealth. This is the Mexican government. There is only one person who could be called amerindian. This condition nowadays would not be allowed in any country in the world, with the exception of Latin America.

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    More than racist mexico sound self hating or white worshipping you can't be racist toward yourself it is more like self hate.

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    Quite a few of those Mexican politicians do look clearly Mestizo, even though they are disproportionately White. But in answer to your question: uncertain.

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