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Thread: [Holocaust Cinema] Magic Box (1989) ― Underrated Gem.

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    Thumbs up [Holocaust Cinema] Magic Box (1989) ― Underrated Gem.

    Minimalist, factual, underrated with a, dare I say Lynchian, twist.

    Or boring. Both fit but either way, blowing Spielberg's sensational (>>>More Spielberg rant) voyeuristic movie grossing $322, million at the box-office tha fuck out of the water, boii.

    Music Box is a U.S. courtroom drama about a lawyer asked to defend her Hungarian immigrant dad (played by some swarthy German dude) accused of being a Slovodan Milosevic-esque psychopathic war criminal responsible for a mass-murder of middle-class Hungarian Jews in Budapest during the WW2.

    When it comes to Holocaust- or WW2-themed commercial movies, I already said more than enough on the topic (>>>More Hollywood/WW2 rant) but if you press me about the type of flicks "okay" in my book, there is one. At least, when he ain't furiously fapping to exposed feet, Tarantino does them the best (both the feet and the movie of his that I am referencing) so more "Jewish American navy SEALs sent to Nazi Germany" and less 'it's a "Nazis bouta waltz on this Jewish baby's head lmfao,"' Hollywood.

    Music Box is a modest lil drama that comes off as a cheap old TV movie but nevertheless motherfucking manages to show Holocaust in a neutral, realistic tone so no Nazis dancing on anyone's heads for shock value or anything that only serves to condition viewers into returning a "X = bad!" Pavlovian reflex. Very underrated and, best of all, doesn't rely on ultraviolence gimmicks to tell a riveting story about abhorrent events. Absolutely deserves a peek no matter your political views.

    Rating: It's gonna be a "two thumbs of an uppity armchair film 'critic' up yo indifferent boypussy" from me, dawg. 👍🏾👍🏾

    (There is an Italian dubbed version on YT even so Italian niggas in luck lol.)
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