The Pioneering Graphic Style of Ottomar Anton

Author’s commentary:

It has been impossible for me to find a photograph of this very well-known artist in spite of the fact that copies of his posters are still very much priced in auctioning Internet sites. A similar thing happens when trying to find detailed information about the life of this artist, which strikes me as a bit strange since the name of ‘Ottomar Anton’ is not a rarity when researching for graphic posters of that era in Germany, both for advertising and war propaganda. From my personal standpoint Ottomar Anton was a pioneer of modernist graphic style adapted to this type of media. One only has to take a look to his London-Reisen posters for instance; these ones particularly look like they had been created using Adobe Illustrator. That should not be surprising if it was not for the fact that these posters were created in the 1930s.

On the other hand his Waffen SS posters seem to lack the colourful exuberance of his more commercial creations, the former being much more austere and ‘classical’ in their presentation. In spite of this his Gerade Du! and his Flemish recruiting poster for the Waffen SS are classics among connoisseurs.