i know that there is alot of young members here i haven't a single diploma and i haven't been at university i'am a DIY but serisously even some people with non achieved cursus will be very usefull related my topic about love,relationship,sexuality and all my interrogations about the female behaviour
or did you know websites where i can find answers i know two neuroscientists one is from sweden and surelly contaminated by cultural marxism and i just find another new yorker pardoxically i think than the new yorker could be more open related to my political views
there is linnea molander she's looks very qualified but her friends are some kind of moderate lefties,not the worst but still

and the new yorker neuroscientist also a female than i don't remember now is more atypical
i mean where i can find leads of things i try to explain here,if you don't go on my profile and some threads than i have madean
an interristing article
i mean i'am looking for arguments who are going on my way i pick there and there but asking directly to a political party than a french man wants find a young scandinavian women because she have the same kind of political mindset than me it's a quite hard and a bit tricky,same for religious institutions,i mean i'am thinking about the pack conservatism/preservationism/christian cultured/practicing but in the frame of non sexually repressed steady harmonious monoamory relationship ,without been classified neo-nazi at the first step,because is what i'am not
because we speak about psychology all is connected
my goal, it's a scratch it's not completly perfect but give you a huge idea of what i try to find answers and because i'am a heterodox i don't fit anywhere

Is it who i'am and how i think

if your are absolutly neutral and non jugmental i really need help under the sociological

angle,the sexual angle,the political angle,the religious angle,the behaviour angle,because i'am

lost and stucked it's a true sociological nightmare
i introduced myself i'am an young-minded of 47yo who is plaining to meet someone in the future in

the frame of an unique monoamory long term life time relationship based on trust

,communication,and transparency,this year next year,the after next year nothing is plained,but i

do that on many different axis,very deeply pushed with a real sociologic approach,very seriously

like a researcher
i will tell you very specific angles who are the complete opposite of many mainstream people

because i'am very atypical
first known that for the moment i haven't really the economical leverage,i need to fix many

personnal things first is why there is no rush,but still, nothing forbide to collect datas ,

intels and information .
I believe than sex and love feelings are truely interlocked and stronger than everything because

Love cannot be bought or earned,because i have my values and ethics
i have very specific physical standards :
the physical first mine white caucasian with the celtic type means 1.76 m for 68 kilogs chesnut

with blue eyes with a round face,alpine type
and i'am looking for 4 types of phenotypes :blonde from white to golden chromatic shades,

blonddish red,reddish blonde,and redheads with blue eyes, facial morphology i like the cutiest of

the world fine face with high cheek bones with a fine little snub noise

body morphology tall slender busty to very busty with an apple shape form,with a fat body ratio

of 25%
came the genetic and the anthropologic part
in the caucasian ethno group,this kind of girls could be find only in some countries,countries

than i'am targeting :

iceland,norway,sweden,denmark,finland,but also the baltic states

estonia,latvia,lithuania,republic of karelie in russia near of finland (beautifull rural girls)

russia until oural mountains ,belarussia,ukraine,kaliningrad territory (but could be

democratically problematic),northern germany,netherlands but i haven't yet push my study very far

in netherlands mainly composed by celts and germanic,nothern belgium in the flammish part,maybe

in czech, poland that's all it's a large a very specific regions of the physical europe but non

of the politico-economic
there is where i need you help deeply is all on the sexual,behaviour,religious,political part you

will see it's complicated.
starting by the easiest would be
baltic states,germany,netherlands ,belgum,czech are more or less than the others western

countries with values similar to mine,baltic states are a bit more conservative
russia and ukraine are conservative,belaruss seams in the same kind of standards even the state

have specific political structures,russian and ukrainian girls are not outspoken about sexuality

but it's just because they have an orthodox backround,but as i had more or less understand that's

is not a big deal.
now came the hardest part,but before let me precise, my psyche my mental mindset on the

interconnected axis :sexuality/politics/behaviour/religion

i don't belongs to any political mouvment and i'am a free thinker,but still i'am totally opposed

to the frankfurt school/cultural marxism behind this ideology you have a strong toxic feminist

mouvement who is for a an abnegation of the male ,the masculanity,who want destroy the natural

gender role pre-established because they think fighting against the "evil patriarchy",the "evil

and in the scandinavian countries it's turn too madness since the "enlightment" but don't be

wrong,i'am egalitarist but not as the scandinavian way,indeed i'am looking for a girl opposite to

the social-democrat/cultural marxism model,here ,come the difficulties to explain without

approaching very unpolitically correct subjects and it's here where i'am stucked,as i'am looking

for a real strong monoamory relationship i'am not looking for a promiscuous narcissic insecure

high maintenance chelsea slut chasing the chads on instagramm,snapchat etc...and because all the

shit than they have in the head coming from their political institutions, a lot scandinavian

girls are like that it's very sad and believe me my heart is bleeding when i saw all of that.
scandinavian women are sexually liberate to a point that's is destabilizing even for me,and

believe i'am not a saint even i live almost like a munk
normally by steps,the two parts contact each other have connection mutual interests

,seduction,etc.... decide of a "date" decide to be a bit more flirty IRL decide or not on other

"dates"(welcome the romantism!) and finally have sex,love and romance and further union and

maybe kids etc... but in scandinavia everything is biased,i'am not against for sexual education

and sexual freedom,of course ,but having sex without love is impossible for me and it's what the

scandinavian does the steps process are not going in the normal way i explain more a bit my

vision of the things :

first step : a man is seeking for woman and versus
second step : we have mutual attraction and connections etc ...
third step : we decide to meet each other
after two ways possible to stay at the third step or going further
fourth step: flirt have romance fall in love ,want to have something more intimate eventually

sex or planning to have
fifth step lanning and deciding to live together
but not in fennoscandia it's not like that it's weird,and completly twisted and don't follow

my/the path,i mean it's maybe not impossible but the mainstream process is : have a a kind of

date and maybe could have hygienic sex,like we go in the supermarket, and further maybe fall in

love and romance and maybe decide to go further and maybe to be real lovers,and maybe living in

the same flat/house ,for me it's twisted and don't fit my values and ethics i'am more a on a

binary role model yes or no ,i'am not against the free-will but i put the things very clearly and

with transparacy of my objectives,did a young fennocandia female is willing to fit my mindset?

fennoscandia liberal attitude towards sex destabilizing me and hurt my feelings because even i'am

a sexual obssessed and have a strong sex drive deeper i'am not like that,i have made my

instrospection and i know what i'am worth,i don't lie to myself
if it's for having sex just one time what's the point and the goal ,i want have sex everyday

several times daily with the "one",i have this conservative hardline

i'am a very young-minded generation X who want to connect with a post-millenial generation Z

are you aware to give me advices under the really serious sociological angle with

datas,intels,informations,studies,research data sheets from neuroscentists
my sociological approach like a researcher in sociology including these axis :
-main axis :

my goal : monoamory exclusive longterm/lifetime relationship including ring ,something to defined
-physical : white european caucasian,face morphology : fine face high cheek bones little snub

noise 4 phenotypes all with blue eyes,marine blue eyes hairs colors 4 types real natural blonde

pigments with chromatic shades from white to golden shades,reddish blonde,blonddish red ,redhead

,skin from transluscent to pale in the dna-y haplogroup sub division N and I
body features average tall ,golden number proportions, fat body ratio 25% slender busty to very

busty apple shape form
belonging to the anthropomorphic caucasoid sub-groups :
-nordic :halstatt nordid,tronder,faleid,brunn
-peripheral nordic type :keltic nordid ,north atlandid,subnordid,west baltid
-brachyphacelized europid :borreby,alpinid

-sexuality : non promiscuous but non sexually uptight/repressed
-political/behaviour/religious sights : conservative moderate and progressive preservationist because no options ,conservative means values and ethics,not conservative in the american political sens.opposed to the frankfurt school,at minima christian cultured
-moderatly introvert
-age : young
-profession economic level etc to defined in the personnal relationship

locations :
-iceland (frankfurt school) very contaminated
-norway (frankfurt school) not the worst
-sweden (frankfurt school) the nightmare,so messy kafkaian almost doomed
-finland (frankfurt school) a light weak waking up but far from the count
-denmark (frankfurt school/conservative ) a take in count recently,some hope
-estonia (frankfurt school/conservative) a bit lesser frankfurt more conservative
-latvia (conservative)
-lithuania (conservative) strong with real values and ethics
-republic of karelie(russia) (conservative)
-russia until oural (conservative)
-northen germany (frankfurt school) the worst the origine of the contamination
-netherlands especially northern (frankfurt school) contaminated
-northen flamish belgium (frankfurt school) very contaminated
-belaruss (conservative)
-poland (conservative) strong with real values and ethics
-kalingrad territory (conservative)
-ukraine (conservative) strong with real values and ethics
-czech (conservative)
-UK hard to situated them politically
timeline mission objective : years between 1 and 3,very framed, sealed ,defined.

myself :
-physical : white european caucasian ethno group : celt alpinid chesnut,blue eyes 1,76 69
kilogs,age ageless mature 48 this year
-political/behaviour/religious sights : very moderate conservative and progressive preservationist (with light anarcho tendencies ,order without power) non religious but tolerant 200% like some features of taoism,buddhism,hinduism

opposed to the frankfurt school/cultural marxism
-sexuality : non promiscuous but non sexually uptight/repressed
-moderate extrovert,very binary,atypical,free spirited ,rejecting all the pre-conceived ideas,the stereotypes
believe in universe ,the ying-yang,and the cords theory etc...
reason/mindset patterns : guy debord,eckart tolle,aristote,ludwig wittgestein ("can we know the truth?") etc...
human reproduction : not my first order on my agenda,but open to the possibilty
tools : communication,exchange,transparency,wisdom,idealis m,objectivity,trust,didactical
level of understood : very difficult with fennoscandia women and the hell are their natural gender role model if it's exist

i'am deeply thinking about a rural girl from a middle town,a fresh,healthy girl with a luminous face,with honour and very self-esteem of herself very sexier but only with his man, accepting the male/dominant and female/submissive role model but with mutual respect,i lead and i purpose she follows ,she lead she purpose i follow the ying and the yang
understand i won't to be cucked before the first hour ,at the first step ,is very important to me ,even a virgin girl is welcome i can afford very easily because i'am a pure heart with values and ethics, i can manage i'am very deeply understanding ,i sacralised all the process almost spriritual , on an cosmogony level, and i'am an primal anti-freud i'am not sissy,a mangina,like the shallowed scandinavian men,i'am a dominant white european male and proud of it ,and my anus is very well thanks sigmund,and females are my friends and my sybillins,indeed a i have meet a few ones all on a platonic level who had aprecciate me very much and thats it's because i'am not an ineducated bastard,but a descent guy

i have never done anything by the book