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There are plenty of deeper explanations in the last Laziridis but this is a good summary:

Something i figured a long time is that farmers and CHG is mostly the same thing, one is called "something-HG" because at that time, it's what they were doing but everybody was hunting before 10k BC, and usually that confuse people as one is called a hunter and the other a farmer as it's more recent, but it's mostly the same stuff. One is more of an Anatolian farmer getting some WHG stuff and the other is more derived from what would become Iranian farmers getting some EHG stuff but ultimately it's really not that different, and the core of all this is heavily Basal Eurasian and G related. Still need a sample of that Basal Eurasian to wrap this up and get better modeling (a sample, wich may or may not ever come)

CHG it's just a Anatolian farmer with some ANE