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I actually live here bud, I know what goes on here. I also own a business which is marketing and management oriented, I have a degree in business management and several certifications (Entrepreneurial management which includes law and marketing, food service management and retail management). Most wealthy Asian people especially in my state are business owners. The top wealthy immigrants were millionaires and billionaires before they came here, they just immigrated here for the free market. The Chinese that come here usually already have qualifications and degrees, they are not recruited to come here. Asians here only do well in the big city and Chinese people do better than most because they have established ethnic areas in the big cities (every big city has a Chinatown). They aren't making the majority of their money outside of their own communities most of time. Also Chinese only make a fraction more than Filipinos which goes to show you. Being a wealthy immigrant in America, Asian or otherwise usually means middle class.

I live here as well buddy, and all of what you said or most of it is untrue. Especially when you say all the Indians came here as millionaries,hahaha.Most of them came with hardly any money and now a generation or so later they're the wealthiest ethnicity hands down.

Also, maybe if Whites stopped majoring in communications or liberal arts they wouldn't be working as Starbucks baristas or Uber drivers after they graduate.

And someone mentioned University of Cinncinati. Here's the electrical engineering faculty


1. Dharma P. Agrawal, Professor of Computer Science (Indian)

2. some White guy

3. Chong H. Ahn, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Asian)

4. Some White guy or Jew

5. Gowthum Atluri, Professor, Electrical Engineering (Indian)

6. Je-Heyong Bahk, Asian

7. White

8. Raj K. Bhatnagar, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Indian)

etc etc