I grew up around military and law enforcement veterans, guns are something that are ingrained in American culture and for most of us, we live by these virtues.

1. A gun is a tool, it is not evil; it hasn't empathy or malice.
2. Never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.
3. Never shoot at anything living unless it is going to kill you or you need to kill it for food.
4. Always keep your firearm maintained.
5. If you can not dissemble and resemble your firearm you should not operate it.
6. Always keep your ammo separate and never ever pick up ammo at a gun range and use it in your firearm. This is a dangerous and reckless practice.
7. If you are allowed to conceal and carry by permit, law or state constitution always co-operate with law enforcement and let them know while keeping your hands on the steering wheel until they direct you to be disarmed or paperwork checked.
8. Never target shoot in open fields, always shoot against hills, creek beds or other earth structures that will absorb the bullet.