Research: More than 200 women - the youngest 14-year-olds were arbitrarily killed at Hennala Prison Camp

In 1918, 218 women without a trial were shot at a prison camp in Lahti, Lahti says a recent study. According to it, the mass murder was based on the ideas of racial hygiene and the demonization of red women in the bourgeois press.

It is also clear from the Licentiate study at the University of Lapland that there were hundreds of children under 15 years of age, many of whom died in the camp, contrary to previous research data.

Marjo Liukkonen, Master of Social Sciences, who studied the fate of women and children in Hennala, says that the research results have surprised her.


Since it has not been studied for a hundred years, it tells us that it is a taboo.
Apparently there are tabooed topics in Finnish history.