Terminology (leaked on wikileaks by Iran):
Tanakh - Scientific data of every human invention in the history of humanity ever, encrypted by 2048-bit long Rivest–Shamir–Adleman encryption level of Bullshit.
Talmud - Crude analog archive of dark net message forum where gray, black, white hat hackers posted to share their notes, working towards cracking the tanakh.
Kaballah niggas - lvl 99 elite hackers and schizophrenics (sometimes both) who metaphysically hack the spacetime fabric of the universe (according to the latter) or encryption-loving lunatics (according to the former) who only stifle the decryption process (according to everyone else).

• Yeshiva - Black, gray, white hackers' meatspace hangout.

• Brit milah - Black and some gray hat male hackers' noob sign that got elevated to the Badge of Service status although female niggas don't need one (the hacker community consensus is females automatically lvl 99 hackers by default). Male hackers defend their noob sign by sending you an encrypted message that's in Bullshit something about "the first rule of the Big Sysadmin (secret handle only hackers can use: BS)-chosen hacker club is you devote your entire life to the BS" (smh) but the real reason is they dedicated to cracking tanakh full-time, working HARD around the clock 24/7 to the point of bodymodding their genitals with a partial sex reassigment surgery steampunk flesh implant reduction. Their logic is that why bother with physical body parts giving them inferior mammalian friction pleasure when you can get divine pleasure from decrypting the big sysadmin's reality simulation-constructing code? #2smrt4u